Video Recording Software for PC (Best + Free + settings)

Video recording software for PC (Best and Free 2016)

Best Video Recording Software

Video recording software are many but they are different. Some of them are paid , others are for free and some of them are free but with limited features. I tried lot of video recording software in the past 3 years, and i found out which are the best. When i say best, it is related to “File size of recording”, “Customization”, “Desktop only or Game only or both” and finally “how much lag does it cause”.

So the less file size, the better for you to save your hard disc space and also save your internet when uploading to YouTube or any other website. Also the less lag, the better game-play quality you will get. Unfortunately, some of these video recording software are oriented to recording games only like “Fraps” (which has a very high size of recording). And some others are exclusive to recording desktop only. I will give you the best 4 video recording software in 2016 that are for free and quite easy to use.

Video recording software for PC (Best and Free 2016)
Video recording software for PC (Best and Free 2016)

1) Bandicam

In my opinion, Bandicam is the best video recording software on PC. It can record your Desktop, your game, your Webcam and some combinations of these. With the free version, you can’t record more than 10 minutes video and you will see a watermark on the video. Another major plus for Bandicam is the little size of recorded videos thanks to its high compression feature. Finally what made me keep using Bandicam is that it cause the least of lag among all the other video recording software.

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2) Open Broadcaster Software

I think this is the most popular video recording software that people use. Simply because it is 100% free, no need to pay for any extra fees. OBS can be used both for Desktop and Game recordings. It has lot of customization and features that you can choose from. It is used also to stream directly to “Twitch” or “YouTube Gaming” platforms. The only reason that i don’t use it on my PC is that it causes more lags than “Bandicam”. Otherwise you can use OBS video recording software to record tutorials or even games if you have high graphics.

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3) Afterburner MSI

Afterburner MSI is originally used to over-clock Graphic cards (mainly for Desktop). It also monitors your PC voltage and fans to boost your gaming experience (should have little knowledge about these stuff). But it has also a recording feature called “Predator Video Capture”. It is totally for free and it is one of the best free video recording software.

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4) Ezvid Video Maker

This is a free video recording program mainly for Desktop recordings. It can be used for games but it will cause many lags for new games. Ezvid allows to capture any screen resolution, add annotations and tags to the video, add music and also offers webcam feature to add. One of the best features of Ezvid video recording software is that you can link it to your YouTube Channel. So it allows you to upload the recorded video directly to your YouTube Channel.

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Best Settings for Less Lag

As i use “Bandicam”  as my favorite video recording software for my videos recordings, i made a YouTube tutorial video to show you the best settings for Bandicam. Please make sure you do the same settings as it will help you with less lags and also with less file size. This is my tutorial video to watch:

But if you want to use one of the 3 others video recording software, then you can check these YouTube Tutorial videos made by other people below:

► OBS Tutorial video :

► MSI Tutorial video :

► Ezvid Tutorial video :


Final Advices

Make sure to use the (1280*720) resolution which is the best YouTube 720 P resolution. Keep tweaking the settings for your game recordings as these settings depend on what graphic card you have. I advise you to try 2 at least of these video recording software that i mentioned above. Everyone has his own opinion and you can like a video recording software while other people will like another one.

I hope this article will help you to find your favorite video recording software and start making good videos. Please share it with your friends on Facebook so that it can help them as well. If you have any question just feel free to post a comment below and i will try to reply as fast as i can.

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