PES 2018 Features + Great News for PC Gamers !

PES 2018 Features and Trailer

PES 2018: Release Date and System Requirements

Pes 2018 features the same partners of last PES 2017: Fc Barcelona, BVB Dortmund and Liverpool. The new PES 2018 (or Pro Evolution Soccer 2018) is the new announced game of the PES franchise by Konami company (also known as Winning Eleven in Japan). Konami announced in their official website that PES 2018 will launch on September 12th  in North America and and 14th in Europe. As usual, PES 2018 will be released respectively for PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, XboxOne™ and Xbox 360™.

For PC System Requirements, the PES 2018 will require more than the previous PES 2017. As this year PC Gamers will get a Next Generation version of PES 2018. Read more details in my new Article about PES 2018 System Requirements for PC. I think those System Requirements are approximate, but it’s better if you upgrade your PC to better specs.

PES 2018: Next Gen for PC ?

Yes it is confirmed 100% that PES 2018 will be “Next Generation” game for PC Steam platform. Finally, as PC gamers, we will enjoy the great visuals of PES that were exclusive only for PS4 and Xbox1. This means we will have 3d Pitch and Turf in Stadiums, Animated Adboards and many other cool visuals like Shadows and contrast.

I was very suspicious about this Next Gen question, so i decided to investigate more before writing this article. And fortunately i found 3 proofs that PES 2018 will be 100% Next Gen game for PC. So here are below the 3 proofs that i found:

1st Proof: Price

First if you go to the “Steam Pre-order page of PES 2018”  then you will see that the price is 59.99 Dollars. Unlike the previous PES 2015, 2016 and 2017 which were Old Gen games for only 39.99 Dollars. Or if you visit the “Konami Website Pre-order page” and scroll down to “Bonus” and then click on “PC” then you will see the price is 59.99 dollars. So this is clear that we will pay more just like PS4 and Xbox1 to have the amazing Next Gen version of PES 2018.

2nd Proof: Adam Bhatti

Adam Bhatti, the PES Global product and Brand Manger, confirmed that PES 2018 will be Next Gen. He twitted in his Twitter Page:

PC version will be next generation – in fact the best version of PES. PES 2018 is a true masterpiece, when you play the game you’ll be stunned – ‘how the f*ck have they done this in 1 year?!’ Tokyo dev team.

3rd Proof: Konami

Koanmi website confirmed also that PES 2018 will be Next Generation for PC Steam Platform. Konami says in Konami Official Website:

PC Steam version undergoes substantial enhancements in graphics and content, meeting quality standards and ensuring parity across all current gen platforms.

PES 2018 Features: Super 7

On the 17th of May 2017, Konami official Twitter page posted first information about the new coming PES 2018 and tagged it as ( Where Legends Are Made ). Every year Konami gives us details on the new coming PES game to know what we can expect. for the PES 2018 features, these are the new 7 major features released:

PES 2018 Features and Trailer
PES 2018 Features and Trailer

1) Gameplay MasterClass

One of the best PES 2018 Features is the new finely tuned Gameplay. Building on the previous Gameplay of PES 2017 (which was great for me and many other PES Fans), Konami is refining the Gameplay in PES 2018. This new Gameplay MasteClass will add 2 major improvements to the PES 2018: Real Touch+ and Strategic Dribbling.

Real Touch+

Konami adds new dimensions to the Ball Control of Players with a “Full Body Touch” feature. These PES 2018 Features will allow many parts of the body (not only Head, Chest and Foot) to control the ball. Just like in reality, new possible Ball Controls will be available to match the unpredictability of “Ball Movements”.

Strategic Dribbling

New Dribbling features will be added in the PES 2018 including “Contextual Shielding” and “Simple Stick Controls”. Even though we still don’t know exactly these new features, but Konami said in their website that these new features will ” Trigger realistic and subtle movements to wrong foot defenders”. Dribbling in PES 2018 will be more fluid and will give the User more option to control as well as keep the possession of ball. This will be one of the best PES 2018 Features.


2) Enhanced Visual Reality

Year after year, we notice huge Visual improvements of Players and also Stadiums when compared to reality. PES 2018 features new Enhanced Visual Reality for Players as well as Stadiums. Konami uses “Real Capture” to recreate the reality and authenticity of Football in finer details. So let’s see what we can expect from PES 2018:


PES 2018 features new “True-to-life” Stadium lightening for both Day and night matches. The Pitch Turfs and Stadium Entrance are recreated from more than 20.000 elements and genuine data. Konami Team of PES collected these data at real Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Pack Stadiums. This year like last year, PES 2018 features “Fc Barcelona”, “BVB Dortmund” and “Liverpool”, so we expect to see “Camp Nou”, “Signal Iduna Park” and “Anfield” stadiums in PES 2018.

Players & Tattoos

One of the major PES 2018 features is for sure the Players’ visual improvements. Football Players have been motion-captured in Realistic Environments. PES 2018 reworks the Players Animations System: basically core movements such as Walking, Turning and Body Posture. Also the Players’ models will be changed in PES 2018 to match the realistic size of kits and shorts. Besides, the Facial expressions and animations will be on the next level in PES 2018.

For the first time, and one of the most amazing PES 2018 features: Partner teams (Barca, Dortmund and Liverpool) will have real Tattoos added to their Players. Maybe in the next few months Koanmi will add Tattoos for more teams and players, but we need to wait for next months to be sure about this.

PES 2018 Features Graphic Next Gen PC
PES 2018 Features New Visual Enhancements


3) Online CO-OP

New Online CO-OP modes will be available in PES 2018 such as 2v2 and 3v3 Online matches. Just like the Offline mode where you can plug in 2 or more controllers to play with your friends. I’ve read also in some websites that there will be even the possibility to play 11 V 11 ! Imagine how cool it is to play 11 v 11 in PES 2018 Online match, it will be really lot of fun. As Konami says “take your team to the top or play for fun”, i think this Online CO-OP will be for both competitive and friendly matches.


4) New Modes and Features

The “Random Selection Match” feature will be back in PES 2018 just like the old days. But there will be new features and presentations this time. Also New PES 2018 features will be in the “Master League” mode: new real experience as a manager. Among these PES 2018 features, we expect new “Pre-season Tournaments” and “Improved Transfer System” in Master League mode.

Also there will be new Animations and presentations elements in “Master League” mode: including “Pre-match Interviews” and “Locker Room Scenes”. These new PES 2018 Features in Master league will certainly add more realism to Manager stimulation experience.

PES 2018 Features Pitch 3d Turf
PES 2018 Features Pitch 3d Turf on PC

5) Presentation Overhaul

The interface of the latest PES games were not great and very alike. However, Konami promises that in PES 2018 there will be a new design for almost all the menus. PES 2018 features a new UI (User Interface) as well as new “In-game” presentations. Konami says that this new User Interface will be “giving the game a new broadcast feel”.

Not only menus will be changed in PES 2018, also the “Real Player images” will be changed in gameplan screen. Also the “myClub” menus will be presented in a new style, just to give the game a new fresh feeling.


6) PES League Integration

PES League mode will be present again in PES 2018 just like in the PES 2017 game. But this time it will be integrated from the first release date of PES 2018. There will be new competitions and maybe Tournaments with rewards and prizes just like PES 2017. One of the best new PES 2018 features is the integration of PES League in the new added modes of PES 2018: Random Selection match and “Online Coop”.

7) Significant PC Improvements

This is the most exciting news for PC Gamers because for the first time since PES 2013 i guess, it is confirmed that PES 2018 will be “Next Gen” for PC. Next Generation means that we will have great visual colors, 3D Pitch in Stadiums and Shadows for players and Balls. Also we will have “Animated Adboards” and other cool advanced visuals just like the PS4 versions.


PES 2018: Trailer Video & Gameplay

This an early revealed Trailer of PES 2018 with some screenshots and details. there will be more precise and new details about PES 2018 features that will come soon. I tried my best to summarize the new PES 2018 features in a video below. Here is the first Gameplay Trailer which shows some of the New PES 2018 features inside the game:


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