About Us

Del Choc Web

Hello everyone and welcome to my official website DelChocWeb , if you’re new then welcome to the bros community ! And as many of you know me already either from My YouTube Channel ” Del Choc “ or from the PTE Website (as I am a Moderator there).

I am 28 years old, i’m an Entrepreneur and a YouTuber. Well as YouTube is only for Videos, I decided to create this new Website as It gives me the opportunity to write clear articles which will save me and you time (because if you did not know every video can take more than 3 hours to edit).

That does not mean I will quit doing Tutorials and videos for YouTube, but I will cover some very important issues concerning PC software, tricks to play Games without lags, fixes for windows errors and more IT stuff that will make you really a professional Techie.

What can you expect in this website?

Enough with the Introduction now and let me tell you what you will expect in this Website: I am going to include like 3 big Categories:

  • 1st category for the “PC stuff” (installing the appropriate windows according to your PC specs, which programs you need the most, how to keep your PC safe from Viruses and many other useful articles).
  • 2nd category will be for “Gaming stuff” (how to run games without errors nor lags, how to play any Game with a normal controller especially the new games..)
  • 3rd Category will be about “How to make money Online” (how to get a FREE Master Card from the USA, how to use this Card to receive the money that you will make, how to create a YouTube Channel and videos, how to create a Blog or a Website, and many other cool stuff.

Maybe in the future I might add new categories about Mobiles (best software or applications to have on your Mobile) and maybe other categories , I will see first your reactions and see which parts you need most so that I can focus on them more.

Building our Community !

Enough with ME now, let’s talk about YOU, as you may know I’m that person who is ready to help and comment back as soon as possible and try my best to fix any issue you face, so just feel free to ask me in comments in this Website.

I rely on you my bros to build our community and I need your reactions now more than ever as it can help a lot to advance. So please help me by commenting and sharing my articles with your friends and tell them about our Website so that we can grow our community, and I hope I can keep up the pace to comment back to everyone.

So yes this is not my website, it is going to be our website and I hope that everyone can participate and I promise you that you will become a Pro-Tech person if you just follow the advices I will give. I was myself a very beginner who cannot fix anything, until I reached now a quite good knowledge about IT, Software basics, Building Websites, Creating YouTube videos, Fixing Windows errors and more..

That was not an easy path for me, especially that I did not study these IT stuff at University because my major studies were English Linguistics. And if you wonder how did I reach this position? I would say maybe a combination of Passion + Patience. If you have these 2 qualities then be sure you can reach even higher skills and you can be High-Ultimate Techie in less than 3 months.

I guess I spoke a lot now and I hope I didn’t hurt your head! haha But anyway I will let you explore this Website as I will add new Articles as soon as I can.