(PES 2016) Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 or 7.0

Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 (PES 2016)

Final Update: New Features

The Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 and 7.0 is released on 09/09/2016 as a non official update for the Full Patch PTE 6.0 and 7.0 for the PES 2016 game. This Final Update is created by “Kimizan” and special thanks to “PTE Patch Team” for the official Patch PTE 6.0.

Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 (PES 2016)
Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 (PES 2016)

These are the new features and updates added in the Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 :

  •  Tattoos Pack by B4byHuey.
  •  Summer Transfers until 9 September 2016.
  •  Fixed Home Stadiums linked to teams (Stadium Easterlen Silva V2).
  •  Update Transfers and Lienup formation EPL 2016/2017.
  •  Update Transfer and Lienup formation Championship 2016/2017.
  •  Update Transfer and Lienup formation Seri A 2016/2017.
  •  Update Transfers La Liga.
  •  Update Transfers Bundesliga.
  •  Update Transfers Ligue 1.
  •  Update Rival Club Teams.

Download Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0

Very Important: This Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patch 6. So you must first install the Patch PTE 6.0: check my previous post to install the PTE 6.0 here (PES 2016) Patch PTE 6.0 : Download + Install.

First, to download the Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 and 7.0 you need to choose which file you want. Either you choose Update with Tattoos or Update without Tattoos. The Size of the Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 is only 11 MB.

If you have PTE patch 6.0 and want to add Tattoos Pack then you must download Crack 3DM for tattoos. Just open each link and wait 5 seconds (you will see the time counter in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same step until you reach the Download links of the Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 .

Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 Download Links:

Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

Install Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0

To install the Final Update for PTE Patch 6.0 and 7.0 please follow my YouTube Tutorial video very carefully to avoid errors. So If you face any error please try installing again the Patch following my video steps and carefully read the texts written in the video below:

► Credits:

Kimizan, Transfermark, PES Next Editor By Razib, Tatoopack by B4byHueyDM, crack 1.05 support tatto by Aliefan Ifan, PTE Patch Team, PES Patch 16 TM, Konami.

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  • Luis Suarez

    donde esta el link de este nuevo parche amigo el de las traferencias???

    • please English, i don’t understand you

  • yancarlos

    where is the link of this new patch friend of traferencias ?

    • Download link in this article above!

  • Muhammad Rahmat Muhaimin

    why stadum of barcelona is emirates stadium ?
    i dont use Stadium Easterlen Silva V2)

    • yes that’s why! i said in video and article they are fixed for Stadium Pack v 2 (because mose PES fans use that Stadiums Pack v2 by Estarlen SIlva)

  • elnino

    if I already installed PTE 7.0 should I copy this Crack Tatoo 3DM?

    • No bro, if you have PTE 7.0 then don’t use that crack 🙂

  • elnino

    why after I Pasted this edit00000 in Team INTER, Mancini photo’s still there it should be Frank de Boer

    • Maybe he didn’t update Inter coach..

  • Hurchechi Fortune Chigozie

    Nice job Del Choc, you re amazin’……

    • thanks bro i really appreciate your support 🙂

  • Cristian

    I tried to play with Chelsea in ML and they started the season in Sky Bet Championship instead of Premier League. Another error: Arsenal is not linked anymore to his home Stadium if i use this EDIT00000 file. I have PTE 6.0, 7.0, Stadium patch v2 and i followed your video tutorials step by step. What’s the problem?

    • For chelsea i tested it on my old Master League and it works fine! maybe new season is the problem, and for Arsenal yes just edit it manually in Edit menu in PES game 🙂

      • Cristian


  • Vedanta Maha Karuna

    link “Final Update with Tattoos” is not working , after i click the countdown ad fly, it doesn’t bring me anywhere

    • Vedanta Maha Karuna

      allright, problem solved, the ad make me super confuse

      • Abdelmohsen Mohammed

        How did you solve it please ?!

        • you never downloaded from Adfly links Guys? xD anyway to solve it just wait 5 seconds and then click “Skip AD” , it may open new window, just close the window of AD and same again until you see the download link 🙂

  • Wahyoe Soetiyoenoe

    some players face error, as suso in milan, r.gomes in atalanta and some players not have boots, as ibrahimovic, d. Ings.
    And mu player d.bertrand not his name in squad list but d.bailly is the true name.
    Please fix it in next option file.
    Thanks before bro….

    • Victor Saturphon Wenov

      same with me mate. How to fix this del choc?

      • guys when i tell you that Tattos may cause errors for patch you never listen to me, and when i post tattoos then you ask me how to fix.. if you want 0 errors then don’t use with tattoos 🙂 as simple as that! no other fixes sorry

  • Wahyoe Soetiyoenoe

    And than ac milan squad number is wrong bro….

  • Please fix bootpacks & stadium

    • i’m not a patcher bro, i just give you the best files and updates for PES games 🙂

  • Rizqy Kurnia Ramadhana

    Bro, can i ask. Should i install stadium pack v2 1st before install this final update ??
    Then the procedure from fresh pes 2016 to this final update, can i arrange like this ?
    1. Install pes 2016 fresh (reloaded or repack ?)
    2. Install pte patch 6.0 + stadium packs v2 by estarlen silva
    3. Install this final update
    Am i right ? Or no? Thanks a lot. Btw u are doing an amazing work. Keep on patching this game

    • Hey bro, here is correct order:

      1) install PES Reloaded , 2) install PTE 6.0, 3) Install Stadiums Pack v 2 as in my article or YouTube video and VERY IMPORTATN ignore the Correct linkedHome stadiums link 4) install this final update 🙂

      • Rizqy Ramadhana

        thanks a lot 😀 hopefully worked this time

        • you’re welcome bro and enjoy 🙂

      • Rizqy Ramadhana

        where can i get pes reloaded ?

      • aditya

        for patch 7, i have problem in jersey 2nd stoke city is error…
        please fix.. thanks
        by Fan from Indonesia 🙂

    • and thanks for your support bro !

  • DeMantrie

    What a great job, Broe Del Choc. Thank you so much for your effort to keeping us update on PES 2016. Hopefully you still lot of energy and time to still doing this. For me and hopefully other fans of PES will always support you with subscribe on your Youtube Channel, Comment even share what you have done. That’s only we can do for you to keep your online media develop. Bravo Del Choc

    • Wow bro that means a lot to me !! thanks really i appreciate your support you and many other good PES fans that i’m glad i had the chance to know allover the world 🙂

  • Teuku Aldy Farhan

    Bro delchoc, the patch works great and im grateful for it, thank you and pes patch 16 for what you all are doin for pes community.

    Im using Arsenal for my master league, and im using estarlen silva stadium pack v2 for it, but, i have a loading problem before match begin, this ONLY happened in emirates stadium, other stadium it works just great. I just wanted to let you know that.

    Thank you once again bro.

    • Teuku Aldy Farhan

      And kimizan too, thank you bro. Big fan from indonesia

      • you’re welcome bro and thanks for your support! well did you use Tattoos? because tatoos with Stadiums Pack v2 cause lot of errors! so sacrifice one of them!

    • Anky AT

      waah sama bro stuck di loading, ga jalan klo master arsenal, g tau klo tim yg lain.. udh ada solusi g bro?

      • Teuku Aldy Farhan

        Coba diganti home field arsenal jadi stadium lain selain emirates stadium. Stuck nya cuma di emirates. Saran ane gitu aja bro

        • Dito Didit Noor Fauzi

          bro download final update gmn yah? ko ga keluar link nya

          • Teuku Aldy Farhan

            Coba di refresh2 link nya terus yak.

        • aditya

          cara ganti hom field arsenal gimana ya ? soalnya kosong nih tapi pas mau di edit manual gak bisa nih gk bisa di klik gitu ? ada solusi gan ?

          • Teuku Aldy Farhan

            Ohya, ente harus punya stadium pack estarlen silva V2, coba2 google dah ntar ketemu, baru deh dari menu edit > baru edit teams > ganti home field nya dah, jangan emirates. Yang lain. Ane sih udah lancar jaya.

  • Dito Didit Noor Fauzi

    how to download the final update?

  • Dito Didit Noor Fauzi

    how to download the final update?

    • you read article above you find download link and how to download it 🙂

  • khaled vegga

    Thanks for every thing..all works good.
    but i have a little problem ..i can’t import my team..

    • Hi! Yes it can’t be imported if you used PTE 7.0!

  • Dhio Rizky Alim

    So Aftter Installl Pes 2016 > Pte Patch 6 > Install This Update ??

    (PES 2016) Patch PTE 7.0 Unofficial : Download + Install <<< Not Needed ??

    • yes correct bro, unless you want to add new kits from PTE 7.0 ok!

  • Shandika S

    Bro Delchoc How Unlock Extra Team PTE 7.0 Unofficial ?

  • Aziz

    Bro Delchoc, I wanna ask to you. if we want to add some patch like face or menu background in cpk files after using this 7.0 patch. is that working or will crash? or can you tell me the right step?
    please answer i need that.
    by the way, thank you for your patch. big fan from Indonesia.

  • Giri Andrea Taka

    I really apreciate your hardwork and creativity bro delchoc, I just want to make clear here, so is this the best way to use this update without tatoo =
    pes 2016 (fresh) > install pte patch 6.00 > install pte patch 7.00 > install update.
    Am I right?

    • yes correct bro 🙂 and thanks for your support!

  • Abdulloh Azzam

    Bro delchoc , i tried downloading with tattos or without tattos. but after i skip adl.fy the link to download doesnt appear instead new page promo appear.. plis help .. i wanna tries this update

  • ironguy101

    Can I Import my team if I went from PTE 6.0 to this?

  • Yoga Nugraha

    i play west ham in Master league, but ‘stop working’ before match begin.
    you have solution?