How to improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10

improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10

What is Internet Download speed and Ping? To improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10, you need to understand few basic things first. There are 3 different criteria for every Internet connection: Download Speed, Upload Speed and Ping. I will try to explain these 3 criteria as below: Download Speed The internet download speed is obvious as we face it most of the times when downloading files from the internet. Especially if you use IDM (internet download manager) or Torrent programs, then you will see the actual internet download…

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Use USB Controller as Xbox Controller

use USB controller as Xbox controller on PC

What is this Method ? To Use USB Controller as Xbox Controller, you need to know first few basic information. This method is the best solution to play games that requires only Xbox 360 Controllers, like Dead By Daylight or Dark Souls 3. Unlike other programs like X360ce and Xpadder, this method is very effective as it will change the driver of the controller. So when you connect your USB gamepad or even your PS3 controller to PC, windows will detect it as an Xbox 360 controller. All you need is…

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Play any PC game with USB Controller

Play any PC Game with USB Controller

To play any PC game with USB controller is possible, i will show you in this article 2 different tricks. First trick is for old games (usually games before 2010) and the second trick for new games (after 2010). Many new released games require an Xbox controller, but the Xbox controller is expensive compared to the cheap USB controller. So no need to play PC games on keyboard from now on because i will show you how to play any PC game with USB controller. How to play any PC…

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Play any Android game on PC

How to Play any Android Game on PC

To play any android game on PC is something cool nowadays. First because the PC monitor is larger to enjoy games, second because we can use Controller or Keyboard for easy controls. Also this is great solution for people who do not have Smart phones or who have Apple mobiles like Iphone. I will show you in this post how to play any Android game on PC, how to fix Black screen error, and how to install Android games in OBB format. How to play any Android game on PC…

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How to Improve PC performance for Gaming

Improve PC Performance for Gaming

To improve PC performance for gaming, first you need to know some basic knowledge about System Requirements of games. Playing games on your Computer depends on 4 important things: How much RAM your computers has (more than 4 is better always). How much Processor : Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, i3 , Quadcore, i5 and last one i7. Integrated or Dedicated Graphic Card. How much Video Memory your Graphic card has (Dedicated Video Memory). Those are the System Requirements that you may face before installing any game: some games ask for…

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How to fix PES not opening

PES Not Opening Error

PES not opening: Causes Pes not opening error is very annoying problem for PES fans. It can be caused by different causes: PES game needs Administrative access. PES game needs Changing compatibility mode for windows. PES crack files are deleted by Antiviruses. Missing necessary software or Microsoft programs. Other similar errors are “the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000142” and also “the application failed to initialize properly 0xc00007b”. These are almost the major errors of PES not opening. That’s why there is no one single solution that can work for…

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