PES 2017 Data Pack 3 (DLC 3.0) + Patch 1.04

PES 2017 Data Pack 3 (Download and Install for PC)

PES 2017 Data Pack 3 Updates

The PES 2017 Data Pack 3 (known also as the DLC 3.0) is the new PES 2017 Official update released by Konami. The PES 2017 Data Pack 3 was released on the 9th of February 2017. It came with a new Official Patch 1.04 for the game. This PES 2017 Data Pack 3 is not a patch that fixes anything, it is just the Official updates by Konami. The PES 2017 Data Pack 3 for PES 2017 has new kits, updated player faces, and some Gameplay fixes.

PES 2017 Data Pack 3 (Download and Install for PC)
PES 2017 Data Pack 3 (Download and Install for PC)
  • 153 New player faces.
  • Improved Gameplay of PES 2017.
  • Minor bug fixes of the PES 2017 game.
  • 11 new boot styles added.
  • 8 New classic Borussia Dortmund Kits (from 1975 to 2012).
  • New pitch hoardings.
  • New Adidas ball 2016/17 UEFA Champions League final in Cardiff.
  • Several New Legend players from PES partners Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona in myClub. Such as Michael Owen, Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, Lilian Thuram, Ludovic Giuly, Laurent Blanc, Hristo Stoichkov and Ronald Koeman.





Gameplay and Bug Fixes


・When kicking a High Pass using R2+○ (RT+B) as the goalkeeper the ball’s drop point would sometimes not display.
・When the opponent takes a goal kick, sometimes your team’s DMFs positioned ahead of the opponent’s FWs.
・The displayed information on opposition players and their formation, showed when Tight Marking is set in the Advanced Instructions of Game Plan, would not update even though the opponent changed.
・A black diagonal line was seen in the match window.
・When multiple users are playing in Cup mode or League mode, if certain conditions are met, sometimes playing normally was not possible.
・When playing a VS COM match in the Team Play Lobby, the setting for the COM team’s commentary team name was not updated for only the match room owner.

Become a Legend

・When playing in extra time of the Internationals and scoring or assisting, the stats are counted in rankings but not Career Records.

Master League

・When you check the Game Plan of other players, when a goalkeeper of another player is absent due to injury, you would not be able to exit the Game Plan.
・A substitute player with a Team Role that is effective towards Team Spirit enters the match but Team Spirit was not affected.
・The description of the Team Role [Maestro] was inaccurate.
・When a manager is transferred, the manager carried over their budget from their previously coached team.


・The formation and tactics for some managers showed incorrect after the Live Update was applied.
・The formation 4-1-4-1 displayed incorrectly when compared to the Game Plan in the Squad Management window.
・When displaying a comparison window of squad players and reserves, followed by selecting [Back] to close the window, the cursor is located at the left top of reserves.
・The message displayed when participating in myClub competitions with a team consisting of less than 18 players was difficult to understand.


・The edited hairstyle of certain players appeared incorrectly after Data Pack 2.0 was applied.

* Minor adjustments to a variety of modes to improve the general gaming experience.

PES 2017 Data Pack 3 : Download

The size of the PES 2017 Data Pack 3 is 200 MB (one single link). To download this new PES 2017 Data Pack 3 you need first to choose one of the links below. If you have already “Data Pack 2” (which is ‘dt80_200E_win.cpk’ inside “download” folder in the PES 2017 install location), then just download “Data Pack 3 only” from the first link. But if you don’t have the Data Pack 2 then download both links. So either choose “Data Pack 3 Only” Link  or both links.

After you choose which Link(s), first you need to wait 5 seconds each time you open a link. You will find the time counter in the top right angle of the browser. Then after the 5 seconds you will see “Skip Ad”, click on “Skip Ad” until you reach the download link of PES 2017 Data Pack 3 . You should use IDM to download the file without any errors.

If any links get removed or deleted, it is not me who delete links. I just find these links for you and I scan the files using 2 Antiviruses to make sure they are safe.

PES 2017 Data Pack 3 : Install

After downloading the new PES 2017 Data Pack 3, you need to follow these instructions below very carefully to avoid errors:

  1. Extract the “PES 2017 Data Pack 3” using Winrar or 7zip.
  2. Copy “dt80_300E_win.cpk” (or both dt80_200E and dt80_300E if you don’t have Data Pack 2) and paste in “download” ( you find “download” folder in the Install location  of PES 2017).
  3. Extract “Fix 1.04” and copy the files.
  4. Go to PES 2017 install location and paste the copied files there (click copy and replace).
  5. Download and Extract DpFilList Generator 1.8 by Baris v DLC 3.0 : Download Link .
  6. Run Dpfilelist program as administrator, then Choose path of “download” folder of PES 2017.
  7. Now you’ll see a list of all cpk files in download folder , click “check all”.
  8. Click on “DLC” version and select “DLC 3” (or DLC 2 if doesn’t work fine).
  9. Make sure the order is correct: “dt80_100E_win.cpk” then “dt80_200E_win.cpk” then dt80_300E_win.cpk” . If you have other CPK files add them after those 3 files.
  10. Generate DpFileList by clicking on “Generate”.
  11. Run the game and enjoy the new PES 2017 Data Pack 3.


Konami, Pesfan.combabaei007, Baris.

As i have Original PES 2017 game, i didn’t make a tutorial video as i can’t have 2 versions of same game on my PC. But those instructions above are easy and clear to install the PES 2017 Data Pack 3 correctly. If you have any questions related to this PES 2017 Data Pack 3 then comment below.

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  • edward buabeng


    • no and yes 🙂

      • edward buabeng

        so unless i wait for pte patch 5.0.
        cos i have 4.1 installed

        • yes, it’s better to wait few days 🙂

          • DhaniQ

            So basically this won’t work if you gave the cracked version of the game and Pte 5.0 should be coming out in a few days with all the updated transfers?

          • No it works but it is complicated! and yes PTE 5.0 will have updated transfers as i hope 🙂

  • chelembende

    Hello del choc..
    Does pte team will prepare patch for dcl3
    And when will released
    Thenks broo for your support

    • Yes bro they will release a new PTE 5.0 but no specific date 🙂

      • chelembende

        thanks bro

  • Tashrif Alam

    Will this work with the crack version of the game?

    • yes just read instructions in this article!

  • Wendy Aditya Pratama

    I have use pte patch 4.1 after update dara pack 3 there are no change like boots, ball and face.. So data pack 3 for pte patch 5.0 ?

    • yes exactly, Data Pack 3 for coming soon PTE 5.0 🙂

      • Wendy Aditya Pratama

        Thanks for reply..
        So i must wait for PTE 5.0..

  • naveen raj

    i didnt download fix 1.04 so please tell how to do it

    • here is a help to download it: you need to click on the little blue “f’ree download”, then wait 30 seconds and then write the captcha and then click on “create download link”

      • naveen raj

        thank very much bro

  • Luzman Najmi Lod Othman

    why i cannot play man utd team?

    • because this not a patch! no one reads what i write ofc ..

  • Aizul Izul

    do i need to wait for pte patch 5.0 before installing data pack 3?

    • as you want: use this without patch features or wait !

  • Luzman Najmi Lod Othman

    why i cannot open Man Utd game plan?

    • don’t write same question 2 times plz 🙂

  • DhaniQ

    So basically this patch is only for those who have the original game and not the cracked version? Cracked version gamers should wait a few days for the Pte patch 5.0 which contains all the latest updates i.e.. transfers, data pack etc?

    • blasms

      Use it. I have CPY Version with PTE Patch and edited cpks and stills works 🙂


    I told you every time, you are the best one in the world..
    keep going bro you are the one.

  • Raptor

    HY Del Choc thanks for your work , i have a question since i installed update 4 and 4.1 , face of some player in team formation not showed . is that mean installation not clear ?
    Exemple : T.Kroos , Ronaldo , Ibrahimovic , pijanic …

    • just ignore that bro! it’s crack issue ..

    • Deni Gumilar

      I had same issue as i installed PTE patch 5.3, It has no face in a game plan screen.If there any solution as i write this comment,please share.Really appreciate!

  • Manggala Leonardo

    Be patient, wait for pte patch 5.0, if u want everything is easy 😀

  • Josandapw

    Del Choc thanks bro, even though i don’t watch your video, sorry for not following your update because i was in a vacation so i could not follow your tutorial update 🙂

    • you’re welcome bro and it’s ok! i hope you had some good fun! 🙂

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  • i dont know when exactly :

  • Ricardo Alexander Ramon Rogel

    amigo disculpa todo esta correcto excepto que los botines no se tien acceso en editar siguen los midmos del pack 2.oo me podrias ayudar gracias deantemano

  • DhaniQ

    Ok installed patch 4.1 & 4.2 and data pack 3.0 but when I now reorganise the dpfilelist my edit file don’t load?? And now when I go back to the dpfilelist, the second column had no cpk files even though I have selected the correct folder. Was all showing correctly a couple mins before I used the tool and when I used it again my files are not showing anymore. Someone on here posted an edit File with all the update transfers from up to 31st Jan for european teams… can anyone offer some help?

  • Andrija Mišić

    I dont have DLC 3.0 in DpFileList generator(in versions)…
    What should i do?
    Btw Cpy version

  • Andrija Mišić

    I have done everything as said,downloaded everything as said and read everything but only problem is i dont have the content from data pack 3.0…
    It even says on start that its 1.04 version and 3.0 data pack…
    Do i have to wait for PTE 5.0 or?

  • Hafiz Idris

    Does this work on a cracked version of PES 2017? Or is it just the Steam Version?

    • for any version

      • Hafiz Idris

        Thanks, I’ll give it a try

  • Andrija Mišić

    Idk why is this happening but…
    Bassicly players like G.Bale,and ones who wear new blue adidas boots and so,wear them in game but when i wanna change them they are not in boot menu…
    Its like they are in game but at the same time not…

    • just ignore that until next pte 5.0..

  • Thahir

    thanks for data pack bro, but i want to ask something..when i check in Edit Menu, why so many player with name : DUMMY?am i missed something??

    • you’re welcome! and ignore that until next pte 5.0 🙂

  • David Kampeon

    No me carga nada. Se abre Steam y estoy a las puteadas porq es un quilombo esta mierda.

  • naveen raj

    bro i’m using PES 2017 Data Pack 3 (DLC 3.0) + Patch 1.04 ,its working but after opening the game and match start up then it will show loading only and finally its how to fix it ? please help me bro

    • you need the fixed data pack 2.0 (link in description under my video install of pte patch 4.0)

  • Suchit Singh
    • Kanishka Sarkar

      Dude it is not opening as the website may be banned in your country so use a VPN (search google for them if you don’t have one) and open the link using VPN. It will open Had the same issue got it fixed.

  • Omar Mohammed Sabr

    great work bro. but after the installation of this data pack 3 my chelsea team formation is 4-1-4-1 ad the transfer is not updated. i have players like oscar still n chelsea eam. i have installed pte patch 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. pls help

  • Farhan Ahmad

    stuck at kick off… why ?? help me !!

    • Abdurrahman Humaam

      it same with me, could any one tell us to fix that??

      • to fix that you need 2 fixes (the 2 fixes links are in description under my tutorial video above)

  • Ehed Agazade

    bende santirofor başlama vuruşunda donup kaliyor ne yapmaliyim

  • myo balakyaw

    My one is 1.01 and how can I update to 1.04 with data pack 3.0? Pls help…

  • Walid Roummane

    PLEASE HELP i already have install the datapack3 + fix 1.04 but when i want to play match no players show me it show me just (Gb° 9- 9- 9- 9- 9- 9- ) PLAYERS LIKE THIS

  • Advaith Jayan

    Hey bro when i cracked my PES 17 i never faced a problem for almost 1 months but yesterday when i was playing pesù17 master league after skipping of days in the game was unnexpectedly stopped and then comes a message like this “PES17 online warriors has stopped working”
    Can you find me the solution brother…:-(
    Plzz help me…<3

  • gokufan

    uhm the link for data 2.0 is dead

  • Flexxy Emmanuel

    after all and all it worked but am unable to play game it just get stucked at kickoff what do i do


    Excellent bro, thanks for procedure, good fun

  • Justine Mwogofi

    need help cant get the link to download once i click i only get some adds (earn money …..) this page
    so wat to do so that i can download