PES 2017 Ultra Pack for PTE Patch | 600 Faces + 402 Tattoos (by bmS)

Pes 2017 ultra pack by bms download and install for pte patch

New PES 2017 Ultra Pack (by bmS)

A new PES 2017 Ultra Pack is released that has NEW 600 faces and 402 Tattoos. This new PES 2017 Ultra Pack is combined by “bmS” and created by many Face makers and Tattoos modders. I tested this PES 2017 Ultra Pack for the new PTE Patch 5.2 and it works fine. Unlike the previous Tattoos Pack 349 by Hau Armani, this PES 2017 Ultra Pack has fixed the tattoos and faces errors. These are the features of the new PES 2017 Ultra Pack below:

  • 600 New Facess for many different leagues (Full list in link below).
  • 402 New Tattoos by CholeCesc for many players.
  • Fixed the long Sleeves/shirts bugs and errors.
  • Fixed bugs of previous Tattoos and Face Pack (like Locatelli eyes, Vidal mouth, Messi Tattoo not showing).
  • Compatible and tested on the Stadiums Pack 2.0 by PTE Patch team.
  • Works with latest Data Pack 3.0 (and previous ones).
  • Compatible with PTE Patch 5.2 (and previous ones).

► Full List of Players with Tattoos: Download Link

PES 2017 Ultra Pack Examples
PES 2017 Ultra Pack Examples

Download PES 2017 Ultra Pack

You need to download all the 5 parts of PES 2017 Ultra Pack from the links below. The size of the PES 2017 Ultra Pack is 2 GB when combined all together. You can choose to download the 5 parts either from 5 Mediafire links or from 5 Mega links.

You need to open the link and wait 5 seconds (you will see the timing in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download links of the PES 2017 Ultra Pack . If you can’t access Adfly or Mega links, then read my article here to fix it: How to Unblock and Fix Adfly and Mega.

Pes 2017 ultra pack by bms download and install for pte patch
PES 2017 Ultra Pack (by bms) Download and install for PTE Patch

► ROSTROS Extra by bmS 

▷  Mediafiree Link  (Or)  ▷  Mega Link

► 402 Tattoos by bmS

▷  Mediafiree Link  (Or)  ▷  Mega Link

► 600 FACES by bmS

▷ 1 Mediafire Part 1
▷ 2 Mediafire Part 2
▷ 3 Mediafire Part 3

▷ 4 Mediafire Part 4
▷ 5 Mediafire Part 5
▷ 6 Mediafire Part 6


▷ 1 Mega Part 1
▷ 2 Mega Part 2
▷ 3 Mega Part 3

▷ 4 Mega Part 4

► Password (same for all Winrar): bmSpes


DpFileList Generator 1.8 DLC v 3

To install the PES 2017 Ultra Pack you need the last DpfileList Generator DLC v 3 by Baris. The DpfileList program allows to add a maximum of 32 CPK files. I will show you in my tutorial video below all the steps that you need to install PES 2017 Ultra Pack for PTE Patch.

► DpFilList Generator 1.8 by Baris v DLC 3.0 : Download Link

If the DpfileList program shows errors later then you have to download both these updates and install them:

These are some of the good CPK files to add if you are interested in one of them.

► Graphic Menus: Download Link + Info

► Chants Pack V2 by Mauri_d: Download Link + Info

► PES 2017 Kitlogo Pack By Babaei007: Download Link + Info

► 3D Logos by Geo-Craig90: Download Link + Info


Install PES 2017 Ultra Pack for PTE Patch

After downloading the parts of PES 2017 Ultra Pack, follow very carefully my YouTube Tutorial video (same instruction for this new 600 faces), below for clear and detailed Step by Step instructions. Because if you do anything wrong then both PES 2017 and Patch will not work fine.

This Tutorial will show you how to Install PES 2017 Ultra Pack for PTE Patch (5.2 as an example in this video) , So please follow carefully this Tutorial video below:


bmS -Del Choc – JonathanFacemaker – Shaft – Volun – Sameh Momen – A. Mussoullini – IamnotAdamBhatti – Alireza – Bou7a Facemaker – Ozy_96 – JC Facemaker – PES Colombia Patch – PES Soccer Perú – AhmedOsos21 – Zlatan79 – JebusDiverPro – PES Vietman – AndreyPol – GONDURAS2012 – Elmodamer – Huyndat – Vusal03 – HSK – Rednik – Znovik_S – Autentiko – nanilincol44 – Iqbal Purnama Akbar – Tunizizou – WER Facemaker – Lucas Facemaker – DanielValencia – Steet Facemaker – Prince Hamiz – The White Demon – Bebo Facemaker – Nahue Facemaker – Euler Facemaker – PTE Team – CholelChec (402 Tattoos).

▷ Check bmS Article in Spanish:

▷ Check bmS profile in Ericktuts website:

▷ Subscribe to bmS YouTube Channel:

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  • Bre Ezy

    great work every one *-*

  • Mzul Zeref Schre

    may i ask u sir. why i have so many dummy player? and why my clasic team have no player in it?

    • because if you have PTE 5.2 then you can’t use classic teams!

  • Yunam Aldiansyah

    excuse me sir, what’s the username and password if i want to download by mediafire? cause it need username and password to download. Thanks for the answer sir by the way.

    • No it doesn’t need any password or user name! just click on the “Green download button” on top right of browser 🙂

  • Dani

    Is there a list of faces? This patch overwrite face patch of PTE?

    • Yes list is in the article with “Full list of players Download link”, and to answer the second question you need to watch carefully what i write in my tutorial video in this article!

      • Dani

        I did it. Great work and great tutorial. You are always awesome

  • Josamir Josamir

    Your job is great
    But I have a problem
    This file Neymar by bmS and 460Faces by bmS
    An empty file
    Please help

    • thanks bro 🙂 just redownload it again!

      • Josamir Josamir

        you are genius
        I wish you all the happiness
        But I have a dream
        Is to correct the faces of players in the Algerian team
        thank you very much
        And I follow all your works of genius

        • thanks bro 🙂 and maybe who knows..

  • Saptarshi Mondal

    Waiting for an ultimate stadium pack like this…
    where we can play uefa 2017 final at cardiff
    and many more stadium should be add
    please find something like this
    regards 🙂

    • if there will be a good one then yes 🙂

  • Angelo

    the game doesnt load with patch it compatible with it?

    • Yes it is compatible 🙂

      • Angelo

        maybe its because the game is cracked?

  • Amr Khaled

    please,bro when I play with manchester united pogpa”s hair doesn’t look white or yellow but when I tried to see the replay it seems yellow ro white what can I do,I want pogpa”s hair colour in the gameplay please help me bro

    • Amr Khaled

      the question about 460+402 tattos by “bmS” (program)

      • Amr Khaled

        i have patch 5.0 and it’s two updates 5.1 and 5.2 and they are very nice but i see pogpa’s hair black in the gameplay when I tried to see replay it looks white or yellow that you put in the pack please pro help me

        • did you add the 3 cpk files as i showed in my video??

          • Amr Khaled

            can you show me the name of these files please pro?

          • Amr Khaled

            if they are neymar and 460 faces and 402 tattos then yes

          • Amr Khaled

            then what can I do??

          • Then you need to follow my tutorial video (video in article above, open it in Youtube to see it wide)

          • Amr Khaled

            i do it step by step

          • Amr Khaled

            but nothing changed

  • Akhmad Sulton

    it is work for PTE patch 5.0?
    cause I’m waiting for AIO version

  • Stephko79

    Hi guys ,
    the patch is nice but e.harzad face Looks ugly.
    can i fix it ?? or do you now how too fix it ???

  • alfinarigi_

    What is the point of the extra rostros?

  • Aswin Jayan Kurampillil

    please provide a torrent link

  • azrul ramlan

    my pes stuck when loading the game ,, i use dp list v1.8 because v3 also cannot use?

  • naveen raj

    bro i have a asus nvidia 210 1gb GPU,4GB RAM, INTEL i3 2nd gen processor in my desktop ,
    but i cant run pes 17 without lags
    please help me bro

  • Deni Gumilar

    Hi Genius,
    I’ve been followed a lot of your usefull works and it’s so outstanding crytal clear in every step.Outstanding works!
    I Have an issue with the player faces in the game plan screen,it has no faces most all of big team.Can you help me please.Really appreciate!

  • Mahmoud Mohammed

    can you help me alwyas error in file extract and inccorect password ???? please help me if you change your password

  • Mohamed Alaa

    alwayes the pass is wrong

  • Fubuki Shirou

    Is it Compatible with Patch 6.0?

  • fadel mokoagow

    hy genius
    does this work with pte patch 6.0 and 6.1?
    because I use that one, and does this work with pes CPY version?

  • domzzy zaid

    please help i try the password and it says wrong password