Best Windows version for Gaming (2016)

best windows version for Gaming

To choose the Best Windows version for Gaming, it is very important first to know some basic knowledge and conditions. As you may know, Windows is the most popular platform that PC Gamers use nowadays, Microsoft has been always trying to develop new Windows version starting from the Old windows 1995 and reaching the newest windows 10 that was released in summer 2015.

I will not cover the old windows like XP or Vista in this article as I think very few people still use these old windows versions, I will focus mainly on the Windows 7 and 10 as they seem to be the best windows version for Gaming nowadays.

Windows 10

best windows version for Gaming
Windows 10

The windows 10 is the latest Windows version released by Microsoft since July 2015. It seems that Microsoft combined both Windows 7 and windows 8 to create the Windows 10.

However, there are many problems for the Windows 10 and it is still unstable even after almost a year as we are now in June 2016, especially for Gaming. Here are the major problems of windows 10:

  • Low Virtual Memory, which will cause problems and crashes for Games.
  • Bad Compatibility for many games and errors of applications unable to start.
  • Slow Start-up time after few months.
  • Inaccessibility to save files in some locations.
  • Windows Update failures and Stuck in Loop after failed updates.
  • Messed up drivers after Upgrading to Windows 10.

There are many other errors for windows 10, some are glitches that need to be fixed in the following versions of Windows 10. Other problems are just new features by the Windows 10 such as no Media player included and also some Pre-activated Spying features.

So it is better to wait for a stable version of Windows 10 that has no compatibility errors especially for games. Windows 10 is not yet the best windows version for gaming.

Windows 7

best windows version for gaming
Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the best windows version for Gaming: which proved to be very user-friendly, easy to access and navigate, simple but cool when it comes to Graphic Design. That is why it is still used by many PC users – including myself – even after trying the new Windows versions 8 and 10.

Windows 7 comes with different varieties that you can choose from just before installing it. You can choose the version you want depending on your preferences: whether for simple activities or for Gaming and advanced heavy programs. These are the windows 7 versions:

  • Windows 7 Starter.
  • Windows 7 Home.
  • Windows 7 Professional.
  • Windows 7 Enterprise.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate.

Best Windows version for Gaming

The best windows version for Gaming is absolutely the Windows 7 Ultimate. I will tell you the reasons why, The Windows Ultimate has all features of Windows 7 as below:

  1. Compatible with all Games, no install errors or crashes.
  2. Windows Aero Theme for best animations and graphics.
  3. Support for the Multilingual User Interface (MUI).
  4. BitLocker Drive Encryption for better security to both the Windows and the PC.
  5. AppLocker application that restricts other users access to some programs or files.
  6. Compatible for both Systems 32 and 64 Bits, up-gradable and down-gradable.
  7. Support and Security Updates are available until January 2020.
  8. 30 additional language packs that  the User can choose from.

 There are many other reasons that makes the Windows 7 Ultimate to be the best Windows version for gaming. So far i did not face any problem with any Game that i installed on my Windows 7 Ultimate.

Windows 7 Ultimate System: 32 or 64 Bits ?

Choosing System 32 Bits or System 64 Bits is made before installing the Windows on your Computer and it depends on how much RAM your computer has, you can upgrade from windows 32 Bits to Windows 64 Bits but that option will erase and format your personal data.

System 32 Bits (Less than 4 GB RAM)

If your Computer has less than 4 Gigabytes RAM then you should choose the System 32 Bits. You can choose System 32 Bits if you have more than 4 GB RAM but later the windows will only use like 3.5 GB of RAM as a maximum number no matter how much RAM your computer has.

system 32 Bits Information
System 32 Bits Information

System 64 Bits (more than 4 GB RAM)

If your Computer has 4 GB RAM or more then it is better to choose the System 64 Bits. The benefits of System 64 is that all programs of 32 bits are compatible and work fine with System 64 Bits. You will notice that the System 64 Bits will use almost all of the RAM as the picture shows below:

System 64 Bits information
System 64 information

Changing Theme for Windows 7

You can use windows 7 Ultimate version and at the same time use the Windows 10 Theme on it. Also you can use the Mac Theme for Windows 7, i have a video to show you how to install Mac Theme on Windows 7 just follow it carefully:

 If you want to download and install the Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7 then Download the Windows 10 Theme then follow the same exact steps as the previous video.

Windows 10, with the new Exclusive Direct X 12, can be in the near future the ” best Windows version for gaming “. But for now it is better to keep the Windows 7 Ultimate for best Gaming experience.

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