Fix Lag for PES 2017 (Best Solutions)

Fix Lag for PES 2017 (Best Solutions)

PES 2017 Lag Major Causes

To fix Lag for PES 2017, you need first to know the major causes for lag in almost any game. There is no single one ultimate solution to fix lag for PES 2017, there are different solutions as i will suggest in this article. First these are the major causes of lag:

  • Outdated or absence of Driver of Graphic Card.
  • Compatibility issues related to PES Exe application.
  • Bad preferences in settings of the PES game.
  • Integrated Graphic Card detected instead of Dedicated one.
  • Errors and unnecessary windows files.
  • Many Applications running at the same time.
  • Adware or Malware slowing down your PC.
Fix Lag for PES 2017 (Best Solutions)
Fix Lag for PES 2017 (Best Solutions)

These are the main causes of lag in PES games or any game in general. So to fix lag for PES 2017, i need to go through these causes one by one and give the solution for it.

Fix lag for PES 2017

I will divide the solutions to fix lag for pes 2017 into parts according to the cause of error. It is up to you to use all solutions or just pick the ones that you want. But using all of the solutions will fix lag for PES 2017 at least 80%.

Outdated/No Graphic Driver

When you install Windows for the first time, it will install the default driver of your graphic card(s). The graphic card will work fine but it will not give it best performance for gaming. Also sometimes we forget or don’t even know how update the driver of the graphic card. Don’t worry, here are the easy steps to fix this error to fix lag for pes 2017:

  1. Go to your Computer (from Desktop or Start menu).
  2. Click on “System Properties” on the bar above.
  3. Now Click on “Device Manager”.
  4. Then Click on the arrow beside “Display Adapters”.
  5. Right-Click on Graphic card and Click “Update Driver”.
  6. Click “Search Automatically for updated driver”.
  7. Wait Windows to find latest driver and install it.
  8. Restart your Windows after updating driver.

Compatibility Issue

For some medium or low graphic cards, some default windows settings should be modified. To fix lag for PES 2017 you can try this solution:

  1. Go to PES 2017 Install Location.
  2. Right-click on PES 2017 application.
  3. Click on “Properties” then “Compatibility”.
  4. Then Click on “Change settings for all users”.
  5. Check the last 4 boxes in “Settings”.
  6. Now Click on “Apply” then “OK”.

PES 2017 Bad Settings

You can change settings of PES 2017 game according to your PC Specifications. So the better PC specs, the higher resolution and quality you can choose. I found 2 presets that you can choose from to fix lag for pes 2017, but first you need to check the “specifications” menu in PES 2017:

  1. Go to PES 2017 Install Location.
  2. Open “Settings” application.
  3. Go to “Specifications” menu (last menu).

Now if you see “Good or OK” in all PC specs, then choose “1280*720” resolution and “Medium” quality. You can choose “High” if you have a good Graphic card. But if you “Bad or Impossibke” in any specs then choose “800*600” resolution and “low”. If you still find lags later you can can change resolution to “640*480”. This solution is the best to fix lag for PES 2017.

Nvidia or AMD Graphic Not Detected

In most of the cases, PES 2017 doesn’t detect the Dedicated graphic card. Sometimes you have a very graphic card but you see lags and you can’t change quality to “Medium” or “High”. Don’t worry i have the right solution for you as steps below to fix lag for pes 2017:

  1. Open “Nvidia Control Panel” (check my video below).
  2. Click on “Manage 3D settings” (on the left).
  3. Then click on “Global Settings”.
  4. Choose “High Performance Nvidia” and save.

Now when you open the settings inside PES 2017 Install location, you can see in “specifications” that the Nvidia graphic card is detected. For AMD Graphic cards you can check this video tutorial: .

Errors/Unnecessary Windows Files

Days after days, your Windows system gets more files stuck and even after uninstalling software, many files remain hidden. This will basically make your PC run slower and also cause lag for your PES game. To fix this issue check steps below to fix lag for pes 2017:

  1. Download “JetClean” from links below.
  2. Install it and Open it.
  3. Click “Scan and Repair”.

Unnecessary Windows Applications/services

When you start your windows, many applications and services load at the same time. But most of these you don’t need especially when playing your games. Because they will use lot of RAM and CPU (Processor). There is an amazing fix for that to fix lag for pes 2017 as below:

  1. Download “JetBoost” from links below.
  2. Install it and Open it.
  3. Click on “Customize” (check my video below for instructions).
  4. Before playing PES 2017, Click on “Boost”.
  5. After Playing PES 2017, Click on “Restore”.

This is one of the best solutions to fix lag for PES 2017 or any other game. If you have no Tech knowledge then it is better to keep “default” preferences and avoid “Customize”.

Adware or Malware infections

Adware or Malware can slow your Windows and cause lot of lag in games. So to fix lag for PES 2017, you need to remove any adware or malware found in your PC. Even harmless cookies or trackers can slow down your Windows performance. To remove Adware and Malware to fix lag for pes 2017, check these steps below:

  1. Download “SuperantiSpyware” (Free Trial).
  2. Install it then Open it.
  3. Click on “Scan this Computer”.
  4. Then Click “Complete Scan”.
  5. Wait for Scan to finish then Check all Threats.
  6. Click “Continue” to remove Adware and Malware.

Download Links

JetClean (Free)
JetBoost (Free)
SuperAntiSpyware (Free Trial)

PES 2017 Crowd Disabler (New)

My Tutorial YouTube Video

I made a new YouTube Video to show you how to fix Lag for PES 2017. For clear and easy step by step instructions, you can check my Tutorial video below:


I hope these solutions will help you fix lag for PES 2017 game, at least it will reduce lags about 80%. I used these solutions for my old Laptop Dell which had the Integrated Intel HD graphic card with only 128 MB Vram. I could play and also record my YouTube matches videos for the PES 2015 and my first matches for PES 2016.

If none of these solutions could work for you to fix lag for PES 2017, then it is time to buy new Graphic card. Also upgrade your Processor and RAM because you can not play new games on very Low End PCs.

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