(PES 2017) PTE Patch 3.0 : Download + Install

PTE Patch 3.0 (PES 2017) download and install on PC

PTE Patch 3.0 Updates

The PTE Patch 3.0 is compatible with the new Data Pack 2 for the PES 2017 game. The PTE Patch 3.0 was released on the 13/12/2016 as the 3rd PTE patch for PES 2017. No need for previous PTE patches or Data Packs, because this PTE Patch 3.0 includes previous patches already (AIO). These are the full updates included in the PTE Patch 3.0:

  •  Champions League missing teams – Celtic, Kobenhavn, Ludogorets, Legia & Rostov (Squads, kits, managers, tactics, accessories & physical attributes updated for all players).
  •  5 new Europa League teams – Shakhtar Donetsk, Fenerbahçe, Anderlecht, Olympiacos, Paok (Squads, kits, managers, tactics, accessories & physical attributes updated for all players).
  •  Updated kits for: Barnsley, Brighton, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leeds, Benfica, Atl. Madrid, Roma, Sassuolo, Germany & Russia.
  •  Added kits for all Italian  Serie B teams.
  •  New kits for some LaLiga 1|2|3 teams, Almeria, Girona, Huesca, Lugo, Mallorca, Rayo, Zaragoza (Other teams kits will be added through an update to be released in the next week)
  •  New faces added, including: João Cancelo, M. Locatelli, El Ghazi, Yurchenko..
  •  Current MyClub classic players unlocked – Now you can sign them on ML, edit or transfers for any team. You need to apply the “Offline Mode – Classic” on the selector to have the classic players and teams available.
  •  Added/updated Adboards.
  •  New balls added.
  •  Fruits Enhancements and Premier League scoreboard added to the selector.
  •  Updated managers for all leagues on the game based on the KONAMI Live Update.
  •  Compatible online (Don’t forget to apply the Online Mode in the selector).
  •  Compatible with the latest KONAMI Data Pack 2.0 .
PTE Patch 3.0 (PES 2017) download and install on PC
PTE Patch 3.0 (PES 2017)

Check this Facebook link to watch screenshots of the new kits and faces that are added in the PTE Patch 3.0: PTE Facebook link.

Download PTE Patch 3.0

To download the PTE Patch 3.0 you need to choose first between 7 Zippyshare or 3 Mega links (Zippyshare 200 MB each link, and Mega links 500 each link). Mega links are usually for people who don’t have Internet Download Manager (IDM), and Zippyshare links are for people who have IDM. To download IDM check the download link below (30 days trial).

If you can’t access Adfly or Mega links, then read my article here to fix it: How to Unblock and Fix Adfly and Mega.

You need to open the link and wait 5 seconds (you will see the timing in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download links of the PTE Patch 3.0 .

► PTE Patch 3.0 Download Links:

▷ 1 Mega Link 1
▷ 2 Mega Link 2
▷ 3 Mega Link 3


▷ 1 Zyppishare Link 1   ▷ 2 Zyppishare Link 2
▷ 3 Zyppishare Link 3  ▷ 4 Zyppishare Link 4
▷ 5 Zyppishare Link 5  ▷ 6 Zyppishare Link 6
▷ 7 Zyppishare Link 7

Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

Install PTE Patch 3.0

To install the PTE Patch 3.0 please follow my YouTube Tutorial below very carefully to avoid errors. If you face any error please try installing again the PTE Patch 3.0 following my video steps and carefully read the texts written in the video below:

►►If game is freezing or stuck loading, just download “Fixed Data Pack 2” (link and instructions are in description under my YouTube video for PTE Patch 3.0 ).

PTE Patches proved to be the best Patches for the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) games. Because the PTE Team work on the Quality more than Quantity. So special thanks for PTE Patch team for this third amazing PTE Patch 3.0 for PES 2017. A new Update PTE patch 3.1 will be released next week.

PTE Patch 3.0 Offline/Online Modes

The PTE Patch 3.0 is compatible with both Offline and Online Modes. You need to run the PTE Patch program selector as Administrator and then click on “Patch Modes”. So If you want to play with full Bundesliga and new added teams, then you must activate the “Offline” mode then click “Apply”. And If you want to play with Classic Legends players and sign them to ML, then you must activate “Offline Classic”. But if you want to play “myClub” online matches then you must activate the “Online Default” mode.

You should always turn off “Live Updates” as i showed in the tutorial video above. If you don’t turn off “Live updates” then you can’t play with added teams like “Bayern Munchen”.

PTE Patch 3.0 Gameplay (Offline)

The PTE Patch 3.0 is compatible with Online and also offline (switch in PTE program). I recorded an Offline PES 2017 match using this PTE Patch 3.0 between “Liverpool” and “Manchester United”. Watch the Match Highlights and Goals in this video below:

► Credits:

Konami, PTE Patch 2017 – mota10 – stavrello7 – NemanjaBRE – Sami Ze, Del Choc, PES Logos, RJPR, zlac, Jenkey, Fruits, -InMortal-, cRoNoSHaCk, Maritimo, 4N63L, ZAHIN, GgBlues, sortitoutsi (managers mini faces), davfanpes, Sarjono, supalids, sxsxsx, Dannythebest, Hawke, Wygno, maxi534, A.Mussoullini, Sameh Momen, Txak, majuh, DrDoooMuk, klashman69, Tasci, mckagan22, PantelG7, Bono Facemaker, AM, MarioMilan, HD3011, everest, rednik, Steet facemaker, kairzhanov, Tunizizou, vangelis agiga, znovik, carrasco1live, Kolia, Buffon99, danyy77, cRoNoSHaCk, VirtuaRED, Tote_Alkor, El Shaarawy.

This is the PTE Patch Blog link: http://ptepatch.blogspot.pt/ – Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q. – About PTE Patch.

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  • Dario vrdy

    can i play myclub online matches with original kit like manutd or so, in patch 2 only way to play and find opponent online is to turn of all patch things, is that solved in patch 3, thanx

    • Yes you can play Online myclub, but without any patch features (wrong EPL kits etc..). To do this you need to activate “Online Default’ mode from the PTE program as i showed in the tutorial video above 🙂

  • Aravind GM

    thank u for the new patch….its awesome..

    • you’re welcome and enjoy 🙂

  • DaGamerYT

    muchas gracias mi amigo that’s mean Thank u so much

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  • naufal syafiq

    i can’t open it, every time i open it always shows blank page

    • what is the “it” man you can’t write “i can’t open it” and that’s all..

      • Adedokun Samuel

        Well i think i have the same issue the archive is corrupt try it yourself

        • it’s not corrupt bro! just use IDM (link in this article) to download without errors!

          • Adedokun Samuel

            i cant belived it actually worked thanks a lot bro more grease to your elbow, i think you should get a donate button

  • Lecheheb Abdelfettah

    thank you my firend

    • you’re welcome my friend 🙂

  • Ras Visa

    Del Choc please in the PTE PATCH 3.0 video, how can i get the [03. crack 1.03 Fix] file?
    i have searched for it several times but i dont get it. please help me out.

    • it is in description under that video 🙂

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  • Marouane Ouattara

    When I finish installing the patch when I launch the game it remains blocked at the start of the game. please help me.

    • You have to download and replace “Fixed data pack 2” (read description under my youtube video PTE 3.0 for more instructions and download links)

  • Jun

    hello , i downloaded your fixed data pack 2 . But everytime when i extract the dt80_200E is corrupted . I download again and again with different browser and download managers and its still corrupted . I even turned off my antivirus and firewall . Any solution ? Getting frustrated because i cant play my match because it freezes

  • mustafa mustafa
    • Iskandar Abdullah

      me also got this problem. it cant start the game. how to fix it? really need help.

    • You need to download and replace “Fixed data pack 2” (read description under my youtube video PTE 3.0 for more instructions and download links)

      • mustafa mustafa

        Tq .. already fix and can be play..
        For who play cpy release, here the solution that i used.
        1.install 3.0
        2.install 3.1
        3.paste fix cpy .. can found on 3.1pte page
        4. Paste folder options fix

  • BarcaFCB

    patch 3.0 selctor is not working for me please help me?

    • you need to have “Netframework 4.5 or higher” installed on your PC, then you need to run the PTE selector as administrator !

  • tingku sapam

    please show a video for playing online for non steam user…..PES2017

  • Guy Idelson

    I can’t download the other versions only mega ones, coz it’s taking me to other staff

  • Muhammad Izzat

    How to Solve this..tqvm

    Edited Data
    Unable to load because data isfrom different version
    Download new contents to update data https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e44f4a2bf8101354472b8ee5da7564aaa0e8bf5bece0a53272efae0d2b335b37.jpg

    • Tiago Marques

      I have the same problem, someone to help please ?

      • kook oook

        me too

  • Nabil Laidani

    i have downlaoded the pte patch from ptepatch blog but i dont find the crack, i dont find the crack can you help me

  • thet naing oo

    very good update.i can like this post

  • mathew

    i downloaded the zip flles but on installation all of them showed error.including teh fix.what should i do? seems the files were currupt

  • SaddamAkbar

    im sure, i do like you suggest, but my pes still on old version… please guide me

  • Mí Dō

    Every time i face a problem during the exctraction . Checksum Error ……… can you help me please !!

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  • Kyoku Shinki

    hai how to remove classic player at ml? i don event turn on classic mode on.. i already turn off event at PTE patch please help

  • Edin Hadžihasanović

    I have installed the patch correct but I can’t start the match?! Please help

  • Marwan Soliman

    (then you must like in video copy and replace Fix 1.03 (4 files) in PES 2017 install location ) i dont understand what does that mean. please answer

  • Tayo James


    EMAIL IS [email protected]


  • Tayo James

    Del Choc, pls send me the link for the PES 17 Data Pack and Crack 1.03 File

    email is [email protected]

  • Micheal Ndubuisi Peter

    Hi Delchoc.. thanks for your grate work..Have been a fan of you site and am happy.. i need you help i downloaded the PTE PATCH 3.0 i installed follow your you-tube instruction like i always do but i get this error massage when i want to run the PATCH

    Unhanded exception has occurred in your application. if you click continue. the application will ignore this errors and attempt to continue. if you click quite. the application will be close immediately ..

    Please what is the solution to this.. am running on window10 on my PC

  • Micheal Ndubuisi Peter

    Hi delchoc sorry i still cant find the fix data pack 2 and fix 1.03 under your youtube video for pte patch 3.0 please help…

  • Micheal Ndubuisi Peter

    Please help me delchoc…cant find the fix data pack 2 and fix 1.03 under your youtube video for pte patch 3.0 please help…