Play any Android game on PC

How to Play any Android Game on PC

To play any android game on PC is something cool nowadays. First because the PC monitor is larger to enjoy games, second because we can use Controller or Keyboard for easy controls. Also this is great solution for people who do not have Smart phones or who have Apple mobiles like Iphone.

I will show you in this post how to play any Android game on PC, how to fix Black screen error, and how to install Android games in OBB format.

How to play any Android game on PC

How to Play any Android Game on PC
How to Play any Android Game on PC

To play any android game on PC you need just an emulator for Android on your Windows or Mac. There are many Android emulators for Windows like “Andy”, “Genymotion”, “Youwave” and many others. However the best Android Emulator is BlueStacks and i will tell you now the reasons.

Why BlueStacks? 

BlueStacks is the best windows/Mac Emulator that allow you to play any android game on PC. These are the best reasons below:

  • It is compatible for Both Windows and Mac computers.
  • It is very light program especially for Low End PCs.
  • It is compatible with over 1.5 million mobile games and Apps.
  • You can chat in whatsapp at the same time while playing.
  • You can import and share photos from PC to Mobile.
  • You can post photos on Instagram from your PC.

By the way there are 2 different versions for Bluestacks, there is the Official “BlueStacks” that you can download from the official website here: This official Bluestacks may not be compatible with all Android games.

And there is the Rooted Bluestacks (Rooted means changed by a Modder to make it compatible with any game). I will show you in this post the Rooted Bluestacks because it is better than the official one as i used both of them.

Download Rooted BlueStacks

To download Rooted Bluestacks just choose one of the download links below, click on the link then wait 5 seconds (timer in right corner) then click on “Skip Ad”. Then just click on “Download”. If you choose the Torrent links then just click on “Download this torrent” or click on “Get Magnet Link”.

I used the Version 2015 in my video below, but it should be the same method of installation. Just follow the video below the Install part and it will work for the new 2016 version.

Install Bluestacks

To install the Rooted Bluestacks just follow the basic install steps like any other software. follow my YouTube Tutorial video below for step by step instructions:

Make sure that you have enough space in your local disc so that you can install this program and the Android games later. I will show you now how to install the Android games so that you can play any Android game on PC.

How to Install Android Games for BlueStacks

To play any Android game on PC with Bluestacks, you need first to download and install the Android game. To download Android games you can either go to the Google Play Store from this link: .

You can download Free games or buy non free games. You can also search for Android games in Torrent links such as website that has lot of free games to download.

Install APK Games

After downloading your Android game just follow the install instructions in my video below:

The video also is about how to fix Black Screen and lags for previous non Rooted Bluestacks, so that is why i named the video “how to fix Black Screen”.

Install OBB Games

The OBB Android games are the second type of games that needs more than 1 click install. To install correctly the OBB games on BlueStacks just follow the instruction in my Tutorial Video below:

Now you are able to play any Android game on PC using this amazing program “BlueStacks”. You can also download and install Android Applications and use them on your computer.

I hope this post will help you, if it does please share it with your friends and tell them that they can now play any android game on PC by following this post. If you have any questions just comment below and i will try my best to help you.


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