(PES 2016) Final Gameplay by Alex – Best so far

Final Gameplay by Alex for PES 2016

Final Gameplay by Alex

This is Final Gameplay by Alex for the PES 2016 game. First what is Gameplay ? Simply it is some modded (changed) tweaks inside the data base of the game. For the PES 2016, it changes the Passes, shots style, harder AI (artificial intelligence) and more.

Final Gameplay by Alex for PES 2016
Final Gameplay by Alex for PES 2016

The Final Gameplay by Alex is the best Gameplay i found for the PES 2016. I used before gameplay by Harlock, Yaku and some other gameplays. But this Final Gameplay by Alex is the best for the PES 2016 and here are the details about it:

  • Support all patches (and no patches).
  • Improved Goalkeeper reactions and positioning.
  • New Improved physics for more realism.
  • Game Balance and interaction between the players more balanced.
  • Actions and strikes A.I more diverse.
  • Defensive AI so aggressive and harder to bypass.
  • Referees are more intelligent about fouls.

There is another feature which is reducing the speed and pace of the game. But i didn’t like it so we will skip adding that modded “PES 2016 exe” application and we will need only the data 18 file.

Download Final Gameplay by Alex

To download this Final Gameplay by Alex for PES 2016 you need one link (12 MB). Just click on the download link below, then wait 5 seconds and click on “Skip Ad”. Then it will redirect you just do the same and you will find the “ZippyShare” download link.

Just close any “Pop-up” windows that may open when redirecting to link. They are just advertisements so don’t worry. I scanned the Final Gameplay by Alex file and it is safe from viruses.

Install Final Gameplay by Alex

I made a tutorial video as usual to show you guys step by step how to install this  Gameplay by Alex. So all you need to do is just watch carefully this video below:


Full Match PES 2016 using Final Gameplay by Alex

To see real effects and changes made in this new Gameplay just watch my full match video below. This is one of the most intense games i ever played against AI (CPU) and you need to see how almost perfect is this Final Gameplay by Alex.

This is my full match Real Madrid vs Barcelona using this new Gameplay and also the Unofficial PTE Patch update 6.1 :

Other Final Gameplays for PES 2016

Well i said that the Final Gameplay by Alex is the best, but i know that most of these Gameplays are personal choices. So here are some other Final Gameplays you may try:

– Yair’s Final Gameplay for PES 2016

– Harlock’s Final Gameplay for PES 2016

– Yaku’s Gameplay match video

Finally special thanks to “Alex” for his great efforts to release this amazing Gameplay. For me this is the BEST Gameplay for PES 2016 game. Just try it yourself and let me know in comments below your opinion about it.


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  • Arjun Srk

    del choc add new tricks to fix pes 16 lag..plz
    2.16 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 2.66 GHz
    Intel Pentium Quad Core N3540 Processor
    500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
    15.6-inch HD LED Display
    Integrated Graphics
    DOS-this is my pc specs..lenovo g50 30

  • Zul Ari Fadlillah

    i will try alex’s gameplay..
    thanks del choc!

    • you’re welcome bro and enjoy 🙂

  • Rizqy Ramadhana

    hello can i ask again ?
    i already got pte patch 6.0, and i want to make it better, what should i do ?
    1. install stadium vpack 2
    2. install gameplay by alex
    3. install pte 7.0 unnoficial
    4. then final update
    tell me if i wrong

  • Rahmetli Graficka

    Hmm the attack is very very week, they are good in defence and gk is very good but they can’t keep the ball and attack can’t score goals almost at all…

  • Rahmetli Graficka

    Great gameplay, I love it ^^

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