PES 2017 PC HD Graphics MODS Online (By Fruits)

PES 2017 PC HD Graphics Mods Online

PES 2017 PC HD Graphics FEATURES

New PES 2017 PC HD Graphics is created by Fruits (FMODS) and it is compatible will Online mode. Also this PES 2017 PC HD Graphics is compatible with any patch or without patch. It will add HD graphics quality in Pitch and Turf inside stadiums to look like PS4 graphics. And it will fix texture, sky and light settings. All previous tweaks (made in previous mods by Fruits) are included in this PES 2017 PC HD Graphics Online Mods.

PES 2017 PC HD Graphics Mods Online
PES 2017 PC HD Graphics Mods Online

New Features:

  • Ps4 Ball like reflection.
  • Sweat texture.
  • Revised texture for better staff/manager details.

Old Previous Features:

  • Better lines and better turf color.
  • Updates Texture during winter/day/rainy and winter/night/rainy only!
  • Includes NikoLiberty light settings.
  • Includes NikoLiberty Skies

Download FMODS for PES 2017

You need to download 3 DT files (15 , 30 and 32) for this PES 2017 PC HD Graphics. Just open each link below, wait 5 seconds then click on “Skip Ad” (top right corner of browser). Click on “Download” button of “Mediafire” and wait for each file to complete downloading. It is better to use IDM in order to avoid damaged or incomplete downloads that will cause extraction errors.

► Download Links:

▷ DT15 Link – Ball Reflections
▷ DT30 Link – Pitch, Light Settings
▷ DT32 Link– Skin, sweat, staff tweaks

Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

Install FMODS for PES 2017

To install the PES 2017 PC HD Graphics Mods (by Fruits), follow my tutorial video below. Make sure you follow the video very carefully and read the texts that i write inside the video. It’s very important to follow same steps in order to avoid any errors. This is my YouTube tutorial video to watch:

Don’t forget to backup your dt15_win.cpk, dt30_win.cpk and dt32_win.cpk.


Match Online using FMODS HD Graphics

I recorded an Online match video using PES 2017 PC HD Graphics and edited it to show only the Highlights. This match will show you that this PES 2017 PC HD Graphics is compatible with online. Also it will show you how the new pitch and turf look inside the PES 2017. Here is the video below:

► Credits:

Konami, Fruits, Special Thanks to NikoLiberty, Suat and to all Evo-Web.

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