PES 2017 Data Pack 2 (DLC 2.0) + Patch 1.03

PES 2017 Data Pack 2 (Download and Install for PC)

PES 2017 Data Pack 2 Updates

The PES 2017 Data Pack 2 (known also as the DLC 2.0) is the new PES 2017 Official update released by Konami. The PES 2017 Data Pack 2 was released on the 26th of November 2016. It came with a new Official Patch 1.03 for the game. This PES 2017 Data Pack 2 is not a patch that fixes anything, it is just the Official updates by Konami. The PES 2017 Data Pack 2 for PES 2017 has new kits, updated player faces, new stadiums (for PS4 and XboxOne only) and authentic match-day features.

PES 2017 Data Pack 2 (Download and Install for PC)
PES 2017 Data Pack 2 (Download and Install for PC)
  • 101 New player faces (list below).
  • Improved UEFA Champions League presentation elements.
  • Minor bug fixes of the PES 2017 game.
  • 11 new boot styles added.
  • 16 new kits available including classic Liverpool FC kit.
  • The new 4K mode for PS4Pro will release in December.
  • 3 New Stadiums (Only for PS4 and Xbox One).
PES 2017 Data Pack 2 New Boots
PES 2017 Data Pack 2 New Boots

PES 2017 Data Pack 2 also brought 3 new stadiums in the update: “Anfield” Stadium for the Liverpool fans. The stadium has been perfectly recreated for use in the game and features the brand new main stand. The second stadium is”Signal Iduna Park” which is the home of Borussia Dortmund. And third stadium is “Allianz Parque” which is home to Brazilian team Palmeiras. In addition, PES 2017 Data Pack 2 adds 2 real new crowd chants for Anfield and Signal Iduna Park stadiums: The iconic ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and ‘Heja BVB’ chants will be heard as the teams enter the Stadium.

To see the 3 new stadiums added in the PES 2017 Data Pack 2 , check out the trailers below:

Signal Iduna Park
Allianz Parque

PES 2017 Data Pack 2 New Faces
PES 2017 Data Pack 2 New Faces

Players with New faces

  • Alou Diarra – Rod Fanni – Hassan Yebda – Lionel Messi – Bonfim Costa Santos (Dante) – Anthony Vanden Borre
    Ruben Castro – Alexandro Silva – de Souza (Dudu) – Hiroki Sakai – Hiroshi Kiyotake – Kobayashi Yuki
    Komai Yoshiaki – Diego Alfredo Lugano Morena – Gonzalo Castro – Stefano Okaka Chuka – Damien Perquis
    Mark Noble – Ragnar Klavan – Naldo (Ronaldo Aparecido Rodrigues) – Denílson Pereira Neves – Roberto Jimenez – Anthony Stokes – Ezequiel Marcelo Garay – Karim Ziani – Charlie Mulgrew – Diego de Souza Andrade
    Rafael Augusto Sóbis – Ragnar Sigurdsson – José Jonny Magallón Oliva – Jonathan Biabiany – Steven Defour
    Caner Erkin – William Vainqueur – Younousse Sankhare – Diego Buonanotte – Arnaldo Edi Lopes da Silva (Edinho) – Matías Suárez – Mikel Balenziaga – Ron-Robert Zieler – Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior – Maicon (Maicon Pereira) – Adrian Ramos – Ladislav Krejci – Luc Castaignos – Maciej Rybus – Emre Çolak – Jonathan Cícero Moreira – Kleber Laube Pinheiro – Pajtim Kasami – Gabriel Mercado – Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima (Ganso) – Marcel Schmelzer – Severino dos Ramos Durval da Silva – Sven Kums – Lucas Ocampos – Leandro Paredes – Joel Pohjanpalo – Gustavo Gomez – Marco Reus – Iago Aspas – Adrian (Adrian San Miguel del Castillo) – Piotr Zielinski – Serey Die – Sadio Mane – Laurent Depoitre – Yannick Bolasie – Michael Mcgovern – Diego Laxalt – Lucas Alario – Simone Scuffet – Giovanni Simeone – Julian Brandt – Kevin Volland – Sidnei (Sidnei Rechel da Silva Junior) – Giovanni van Bronckhorst – Andrea Belotti – Sofiane Boufal – Troy Deeney – Michail Antonio – Juan Camara – Lorenzo Tonelli – Sebastian Rode – Presnel Kimpembe – Artem Kravets – Bas Dost – Gabriel Jesus – Hatsuse Ryo – Kelechi Iheanacho – Andre Silva (Andre Miguel Valente da Silva) – Rob Holding – Ousmane Dembele – Kevin Stewart – Marko Grujic –  Sasaki Wataru – Mariano Diaz – Yu In Soo – Christian Pulisic – Jonathan Tah – Max Meyer – Felix Passlack – Emre Mor – Loris Karius.


PES 2017 Data Pack 2 : Download

The size of the PES 2017 Data Pack 2 is 190 MB (created by babaei007). To download this new PES 2017 Data Pack 2 you need first to choose one link or 2 links. If you have already “Data Pack 1” (which is ‘dt80_100E_win.cpk’ inside “download” folder in the PES 2017 install location), then just download “DP 2 only” from the first link. But if you don’t have the Data Pack 1 then download both links. So either choose “Data Pack 2 Only” Link  or both links.

Very important: The data pack 2 in the second link is wrong and causes errors and crashes for non original game. So if you choose to download from second link, then make sure also to download the first link “DP 2 Only”. Then after downloading and extracting, replace the Data Pack 2 inside the “Both DP1 & DP2” with Data Pack 2 of “DP2 Only”.

After you choose which Link(s), first you need to wait 5 seconds each time you open a link. You will find the time counter in the top right angle of the browser. Then after the 5 seconds you will see “Skip Ad”, click on “Skip Ad” until you reach the download link of PES 2017 Data Pack 2 . You should use IDM to download the file without any errors.

If any links get removed or deleted, it is not me who delete links. I just find these links for you and I scan the files using 2 Antiviruses to make sure they are safe.

PES 2017 Data Pack 2 : Install

After downloading the new PES 2017 Data Pack 2, you need to follow these instructions below very carefully to avoid errors:

  1. Extract the “PES 2017 Data Pack 2 AIO” using Winrar or 7zip.
  2. Copy “dt80_200E_win.cpk” (or both dt80_200E and dt80_200E if you don’t have Data Pack 1) and paste in “download” ( you find “download” folder in the Install location  of PES 2017).
  3. Download and Extract DpFilList Generator 1.8 by Baris v DLC 2.0 : Download Link .
  4. Run Dpfilelist program as administrator, then Choose path of “download” folder of PES 2017.
  5. Now you’ll see a list of all cpk files in download folder , click “check all”.
  6. Click on “DLC” version and select “No DLC” (very important).
  7. Make sure the order is correct: “dt80_100E_win.cpk” then “dt80_200E_win.cpk”. If you have other CPK files add them after those 2 files (PTE patch 2.0 will not work so just wait for PTE Patch 3.0).
  8. Generate DpFileList by clicking on “Generate”.


Konami, Pesfan.combabaei007, Baris.

As i have Original PES 2017 game, i didn’t make a tutorial video as i can’t have 2 versions of same game on my PC. But those instructions above are easy and clear to install the PES 2017 Data Pack 2 correctly. If you have any questions related to this PES 2017 Data Pack 2 then comment below.

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  • Murataj Rigels

    show me how to install please!

    • read this article i give all instructions you need to install it

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  • Azam Wilshere

    hello..after the above updated the player return to its old clubs.Ex: Ibrahimovic still at PSG. Bayern Munchen did not appear in Bundesliga.Help please

    • there is no bundesliga with official update of the game, just wait for new coming PTE patch 3.0

  • Kilay

    Thnk you , really helpful

    • you’re welcome and enjoy 🙂

  • Adnan Mustafa

    I have the cracked game with PTE Patch 2.1. Can I still install Data Pack 2 now or should I wait for PTE Patch 3.0 which will itself contain Data Pack 2?

  • Deepjyoti Moral

    no dlc option is not appearing bro pls help me

    • did you download from link in this website?

      • Deepjyoti Moral

        Yep bt the file you provided was not working so i downloaded the first version of dp file list generator by baris and now its working fine

    • João Gabriel Vargas

      For me, to |: I downloaded from the link here

  • Phuthehang Pan Africanist Lets

    can I use this data pack on PTE patch V2.1?

    • yes but activate “Online default” mode from PTE program (you can use it but without PTE features as we need new PTE patch 3.0 to come soon)

  • gudnes

    i play the crack game…do i need to wait for the patch 3.0…will it come with data pack 2.0…i have done all that is needed but the game freezes and won’t play

    • because you didn’t read “Very important” part of this article.. so go read again carefully and you will know why it is freezing!

  • iq

    how to update to the squad with latest transfer?

    • it has already updated transfers

  • chelembende

    thanks you broo just am wait for PTE Patch 3.0 which will itself contain Data Pack 2

  • FLockerZ

    Hey man, love your work ! you’re like the only one to rely on for good howtos in english
    Could you explain to me how to try this data pack and preserve my pte patch as it is so i can return to my ML after trying the new data pack (and playing with dembélé face :D:D) and wait for pte 3.0 ?
    Also, do you know if the new stadiums can be incorporated in PTE ?

    • Hey bro, thanks for your support 🙂 well you can do that by activating the “Online Default” mode from the PTE program , and for stadiums i don’t know yet 🙂

  • Raj

    Hi @delchoc:disqus,

    Does this new CPY crack work?

    pesclub . pro / download/2595 / pes-2017-pc-full-crack-fix-cpy.html

    • Hi bro ! i don’t have pirated game so i can’t tell :

  • Web.11

    I must choice dlc1.0 or dlc2.0, what to do ?

    • read instructions written in this article

  • Josandapw

    da best in PES

  • Alan Bastian

    i follow your instructions step by step, but still not working . . data pack already 2.0, but version not change still 1.01 . .

    • for version 1.03 check my last video PTE 3.0 it has Fix 1.03 link in description 🙂

  • Kemal Özacet

    download butone when?

  • 아 배 작

    If the path of CpkList is C:Program Files (x86)Pro Evolution Soccer 2017download,, what the path of DpFileList ???

    • it depends where you installed your game on your PC


    i cant change scoreboards
    as they arent any in the pte patch generator/application
    help please!

  • pes hemak7

    game freezes in starting the match plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • you need new data pack 2 fixed , read this article carefully!

      • pes hemak7

        got the solution by (sofyan andri fix) and also working for pte 3.0 patch
        thanks anyway!!!

  • gudnes

    So are we ever gonna get the 3.0 pte patch at all

  • Quattro Espada

    I have only dlc1.0 or dlc2.0 options and can’t find “No dlc”, what should I do.

    • you can download and install new PTE patch 3.0 it has this data pack included! check my YouTube channel 🙂

  • Wendy Aditya Pratama

    where is link for download crack fix 1.03 ???

    • in description under my video PTE 3.0 🙂

      • Wendy Aditya Pratama

        thanks brother 🙂

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    your video of PTE 3.0 . Downloaded Fixed datapack 2 , extracted and i got corrupted file . Download again and again still corrupted when i try to extract the dt80 file

  • okeke promise

    pls i cant find the link for crack 1.03 fix

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    i installed this patch but my CPY game is still in 1.02 version. What is wrong with that? thanks

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    Hi Choc, first I must put the cpk files that would be the DLC 1 and 2 and well I generate them and then put the crack 1.03 ?