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PES 2017: Release Date

Pes 2017 (or Pro Evolution Soccer 2017) is the new coming soon release of the PES series by Konami company (also known as Winning Eleven in Japan). Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. announced on July 11th that PES 2017 will launch on September 13th and 15th in North America and the U.K. respectively for Windows PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, XboxOne™ and Xbox 360™.

Konami will wait the end of Summer transfers to include latest transfers in the new game PES 2017.

For System Requirements, the PES 2017 will require more than the previous PES 2016. Read more details in this PES 2017 System Requirements Link.

PES 2017: What is New?

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On the 26th of May 2016, Konami official Twitter page posted first information about the new coming PES 2017 and tagged it as ( Get Ready to #ControlReality ).

Every year Konami gives us details on the new coming PES game to know what we can expect, for the PES 2017 these are the new updates for the PES series:

* New Adaptive AI

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is going to be more intelligent in a way the offline matches will study through time how you play and try to accumulate these info to counter your style (for example if you repeat same strategies to score, the AI of PES 2017 will try to find better solutions to stop you). “For the first time in a football game, the AI will learn how you play!” as Konami says.

This is a great new and exclusive feature in the coming PES 2017 which will force you to try different strategies to win the offline games.

* More Precise Passes

Even though the PES 2016 Pass system was better than the previous PES games (especially PES 2014 and PES 2015), still many PES fans complain about the Passes and how hard to achieve accurate passes. Konami  stated that “passing is an art form in PES 2017 “.  Let’s hope that the passes will be more accurate to enjoy a better Gameplay.

* Better Goal Keeping Reactions

I think that most PES fans (including me) faced some moments of “whaaaat?” when some easy goals are scored and the Goal Keeper is just acting stupid. It is not easy to create perfect Goal Keeping reactions in any Football game, still there are always rooms for improvement.

Konami is aware of this problem and they promised that the PES 2017 will witness some huge improvements for the Goal Keeping reactions. they said “… creating the most agile keepers in PES history. Attacking moments will be more dramatic than ever”

* More Authentic Visuals

Since the PES 2016, Konami has shifted the graphics of the PES series to the next level with the FOX Engine technologies. The PES 2017 will carry on with more improvements regarding visuals.

Not only for Player faces, also major improvements will affect the Stadiums, the Pitch of the PES game and more.

* New Team Control Tactics

As the previous PES 2015 and 2016 added the one button change of Team Tactic (Defensive and Offensive tactics), the new PES 2017 – as Konami promised- will add a new Customization for the Team Control Tactics. This will allow PES fans to create and tweak their own tactics to handle the score changes carefully.

* New Realistic Players’ Moves

PES 2017 will add more real movements of players in real life, which will add a more realistic simulation to the football game as if you’re watching real matches. Konami announced that they will add hundreds of new real movements of players, real touches of balls, and real animations when scoring goals.

* New Advanced Strategies

Konami are working on adding new advanced strategies in the PES 2017: “Tiki-Taka” style of play (created by the FC Barcelona and know by the impressive passes and amazing movements by players) will be one of the new advanced strategies that you can assign in the “Advanced Instructions” menu inside the game.

Another new Strategy is the Corner Kick Strategy: you can assign “Man to Man” strategy in corners as in Basket Ball strategy.

These were early information about the new coming PES 2017, there will be more precise and new details to come soon, here is the first Gameplay of the PES 2017 to examine these new features in game.

If you want to read more about these new features in the Konami Official Website then check this Link:

PTE patches for PES 2017?

If you don’t know why PES games have no Licenses for the English Premier League and Bundesliga then let me explain to you why: Konami and EA (2 rivals of the Football simulations games) have different Licenses, PES (Konami) has the UEFA Champions and Europa League but no EPL licenses, however FIFA (EA) has the EPL and other teams licences but not the UEFA 2 leagues.

So far the Konami Official Website did not mention if the PES 2017 will have full Licenses for all teams (especially the EPL) , but as far as i know: Konami holds the Uefa Champions League and Europa League Licenses for the next 3 years (as they said in the PES 2016 details).

So i think the PES 2017 will not have Licenses for EPL and Bundesliga as usual. Because EA (FIFA) will have the Exclusive Teams licences. But do not worry because the PTE team seem ready to make new Patches for the PES 2017.

PTE patch PES 2017
PES 2017 (PTE)

Why Using PTE Patches? 

First what is the Patch for PES games?

A PES patch is a collection of real Kits and Logos for the English Premier League , also adds new teams like the Bundesliga and other teams. It is made by Patchers or Modders who create these files and combine them in a Setup application to make it easier for PES fans to enjoy real teams and add more features.

Why PTE Patches?

PTE team proved these last 3 years to be the Best Patchers team to create best patches for the PES games: Correct Kits and Logos for unlicensed teams, Adding Full Bundesliga Menu, Adding missing European clubs of Champions League and Europa League, Adding new Balls, Stadiums and Gloves and many other cool features like Scoreboards and Pitches. You can check the PTE Patch Team Blog Website from this link:

Honestly I am not a PTE Team member, i am just a partner with them since 2015: basically just creating YouTube Tutorials in my Youtube Channel Del Choc to help PES fans to Install correctly the Patches, also I am a moderator in the PTE Blog Website trying my best to help PES fans who face errors or problems as much as i can.

So let’s hope that the PES 2017 will bring a better Gameplay for us PES Fans, and let the PTE team do their Magic as usual to add that extra excitement for the new coming PES 2017 game.

This is My short YouTube video as a summary of this detailed Post:

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