How to change Music for PES 2017

Change Music for PES 2017 (PC Install)

Change Music for PES 2017

To change music for PES 2017 game , it is not an easy task to do like old PES games. You need some programs to download that allow you to change the music inside the PES 2017 game.

So first download all necessary programs from links below. You need also your mp3 songs that you want to add for your PES 2017 game. And finally you need to follow my YouTube Tutorial video in which i show you step by step how to change music for PES 2017.

Change Music for PES 2017 (PC Install)
Change Music for PES 2017 (PC)

Download Part

As i said earlier, to change music for PES 2017, you need to download some programs. These programs are added in one single file called “Tools” and one single link. To download this file just click on the link below, then wait 5 seconds. Then Click on “Skip Ad” that you will see in top right corner of your browser.

Music Tools Download Link

For the songs you should have mp3 songs or just check my previous post “Download Music and Video from YouTube” to download any song you like from YouTube.

Keep in mind that you can’t add more than 12 songs in PES 2017. Also it is recommended to use short songs (less than 5 minutes songs).

Install Part

Before installing anything, it is recommended to do a backup of the file “dt40_all” inside the “Data” folder in the PES 2017 install location. Because if you do anything wrong later you can restore that file or try to change music for PES 2017 again.

Now to change music for PES 2017 you MUST follow my video below very carefully in order to avoid any errors:

Finally if things go wrong and music is not changed, just try again and follow very carefully my Tutorial video. This method works 100% and i show in the Tutorial video in the end the proof that this methods is working fine to change music for PES 2017.

If you have any questions or any problem just comment below and i will try my best to help you.


Del Choc, Ertuzio, Konami, NCS Channel.

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  • javron

    Excellent DEl Choc, i will mod My PES the music its a important task, i will add my kits , some minifaces, emblems, and music, Do you know if we can replace or add chants?

  • Irfan Syahmi

    bro plz help me…i’ve got my own soundtrack..but it crashed my old data of pes 16 and 17…i’m also can’t open the edit mode….”please create the edit data”….i dont know where to create it…plz help me bro..i just want to edit my player…i’ve supported many of your video before..

  • The Green Arrow

    Hi Del Choc, I just have one prblm.I followed ur every step and i changed the name of songs also but when i start pes 17,there is no sound but the names of the songs are customized i.e. which i manually assigned. plz help me

  • Azam Wilshere

    Hi Del Choc, the tools in the zippyshare website cant be download..Can u help please…Thanks

  • Bogdan Pazin

    Hi Del Choc, i did everything and when i opened PES 2017 i had songs in the soundtrack that i choose but the songs are mixed with other titles and artists of the songs. Please help, i dont know what to do ?!

  • B4_Mr.Iphan186CLP B4TL1ON
    • you did things wrong , so you should retry again following my video veryyyyy carefully!

  • Lucas Wibisono

    What happens if i have a song that more than 5 minutes? I own one song that plays for 05:38 minutes. And another one is like 05:28 minutes.

    • The song will just stop when reaches that time, so it’s not a big deal 🙂

      • Lucas Wibisono

        But i have this weird error where sometimes the song does not finished at the estimated time for example one of my song is 03:28 minutes but it suddenly stopped and changed to another song. That is when i have one of the music is more than 5 minutes. Usually happened when im in highlights and when in menu.

        By “The song will just stop when reaches that time” you mean it will stop all of a sudden and just randomly play another song?