(PES 2017) PTE Patch 4.0 : Download + Install

PTE Patch 4.0 PES 2017 download and install on PC

PTE Patch 4.0 Updates

The PTE Patch 4.0 is released now for the PES 2017 game. The PTE Patch 4.0 was released on the 17/01/2017 as the 4th PTE patch for PES 2017. No need for previous PTE patches or Data Packs, because this PTE Patch 4.0 includes previous patches already (AIO). These are the full updates included in the PTE Patch 4.0:

  • LIGA BBVA Bancomer fully licensed
  • 4 new teams – Galatasaray, Krasnodar, Zenit & Red Bull Salzburg
  • New kits: Bulgaria, Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Southampton, Ipswich, Sporting, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Las Palmas, Europe Classics & World Classics
  • Addded kits for all LaLiga 1|2|3 teams
  • New faces added, including: M. Kean, Ederson Moraes, R. Aarons….
  • Added faces to some classic players
  • Added/updated adboards
  • New boots added, including: Mercurial Superfly CR7 Vitórias, Adidas X 16.1 Leather……
  • New balls added, including: Delta Hyperseam CAF OMB, Ordem 4 FA Cup, Delta Hyperseam EFL
  • Latest Live Update implemented
  • Compatible online (Don’t forget to apply the Online Mode in the selector)
  • Compatible with the latest KONAMI Data Pack 2.
PTE Patch 4.0 PES 2017 download and install on PC
PTE Patch 4.0 (PES 2017)

Check this Facebook link to watch screenshots of the new kits and faces that are added in the PTE Patch 4.0: PTE Facebook link.

Download PTE Patch 4.0

To download the PTE Patch 4.0 you need to choose first between Zippyshare (11 links each link is 190 MB) or Mega links (4 links each link is 500 MB). Mega links are usually for people who don’t have Internet Download Manager (IDM), and Zippyshare links are for people who have IDM. To download IDM check the download link below (30 days trial).

You need to open the link and wait 5 seconds (you will see the timing in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download links of the PTE Patch 4.0 .

► PTE Patch 4.0 Download Links:

▷ 1 Mega Link 1
▷ 2 Mega Link 2
▷ 3 Mega Link 3
▷ 4 Mega Link 4


▷ 1 Zyppishare Link 1    ▷ 2 Zyppishare Link 2
▷ 3 Zyppishare Link 3   ▷ 4 Zyppishare Link 4
▷ 5 Zyppishare Link 5   ▷ 6 Zyppishare Link 6
▷ 7 Zyppishare Link 7   ▷ 8 Zyppishare Link 8
▷ 9 Zyppishare Link 9  ▷ 10 Zyppishare Link 10
▷ 11 Zyppishare Link 11

►► PS: Little Fix for PTE Patch 4.0 is added ( Only 6 MB to fix some wrong Skin colors of some created players). Download it from one of the links below, and to know how to install it read Install part below.

Fix Zippyshare Download link

▷ Or Fix Mega Download link

Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

If you can’t access Adfly or Mega links, then read my article here to fix it: How to Unblock and Fix Adfly and Mega.

Install PTE Patch 4.0

To install the PTE Patch 4.0 please follow my YouTube Tutorial below very carefully to avoid errors. If you face any error please try installing again the PTE Patch 4.0 following my video steps and carefully read the texts written in the video below:

 PTE Patch 4.0 Fix : Install instructions

To install the little fix just follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Fix (6MB) from one of the download links above.
  2. Extract the Fix using Winrar.
  3. Run “Setup” as administrator.
  4. Browse the PES 2017 install location (same as the PTE patch 4.0).
  5. When you find “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” folder click on it then “Next”.
  6. Wait few seconds and the Fix will be installed.

This PTE Patch 4.0 fix will change both “Ptepatch_off.cpk” and “Edit000000” files. Normally there is no need to add again the Fixed Data pack 2 or the Fix 1.03. But if your game is freezing in Kickoff then replace again the “Fixed Data Pack 2” again as i showed in the tutorial video above.

PTE Patch 4.0 Offline/Online Modes

The PTE Patch 4.0 is compatible with both Offline and Online Modes. You need to run the PTE Patch program selector as Administrator and then click on “Patch Modes”. So If you want to play with full Bundesliga and new added teams (like Bayern), then you must activate the “Offline” mode then click “Apply”. And If you want to play with Classic Legends players and sign them to ML, then you must activate “Offline Classic”.

For Online Mode, it is available only for Original (Steam) games. If you want to play friendly Online matches with correct logos and kits then activate “Online Licensed”. But if you want to play “myClub” online matches with PTE Patch 4.0 then you must activate the “Online Default” mode. Because “Online Licensed” doesn’t find opponents in myClub online.

You should always turn off “Live Updates” as i showed in the tutorial video above. If you don’t turn off “Live updates” then you can’t play with added teams like “Bayern Munchen”.

PTE Patch 4.0 Gameplay

This is an offline match i played “Bayern Munchen” against “Dortmund”. I want to show you the HD Pitch, the new fatures of PTE Patch 4.0. Also i show you that “Bayern Munchen” team is correct with correct players and faces. Here is the match highlights of the PTE Patch 4.0 offline mode, enjoy:


► Credits:

Konami, PTE Patch 2017 – mota10 – stavrello7 – NemanjaBRE – Sami Ze, Del Choc, PES Logos, RJPR, zlac, Jenkey, Fruits, -InMortal-, cRoNoSHaCk, Maritimo, 4N63L, ZAHIN, GgBlues, sortitoutsi (managers mini faces), davfanpes, Sarjono, supalids, sxsxsx, Dannythebest, Hawke, Wygno, maxi534, A.Mussoullini, Sameh Momen, Txak, majuh, DrDoooMuk, klashman69, Tasci, mckagan22, PantelG7, Bono Facemaker, AM, MarioMilan, HD3011, everest, rednik, Steet facemaker, kairzhanov, Tunizizou, vangelis, agiga, znovik, carrasco1live, Kolia, Buffon99, danyy77, VirtuaRED, Tote_Alkor, El Shaarawy, juaniyo, Rednik, Wens, danyy77, chosefs, Al AMiR, matservant, Neto Souza, Team PES MX.

This is the PTE Patch Blog link: http://ptepatch.blogspot.pt/ – Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q. – About PTE Patch. Special thanks for PTE Patch team for this first amazing PTE Patch 4.0 for PES 2017. If you find any error please report it to PTE Team website (link above).

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  • Sanad Thnaibat

    is the winter transfer done ??

  • Manuel Samudio

    del choc how can i play in medium quality
    i have
    INTEL I5 2.6 ghz
    4 gb RAM
    intel HD GRAPHICS 4000

    • yes you can 🙂 just choose medium and in resolution choose this “1280*720” and make sure to check “full screen” 🙂

    • Elvis Chibundu (Oracle)

      Pls bro can you teach me how to ASSIGNED 2 GB TO INTEGRATED VIDEO CARD plssssssssssssss 🙁

  • Aravind GM

    it works flawlessly. thks

    • you’re welcome and enjoy 🙂

      • Raffin Yadev

        Bro all mini faces is fine with previous patch. After this 4.0 the problem occurs

        • DaGamerYT

          refer to Mohd Hafizudin reply

  • Raffin Yadev

    Great work Bro. Everything is good but mini faces for many players are not visible (like c.ronaldo , t.croos , p.lahm , etc) fix please. Waiting for stadium pack

    • thanks bro 🙂 and for that minifaces it’s because of crack not the patch!

      • Raffin Yadev

        Bro all mini faces is fine with previous patch. After this 4.0 the problem occurs. Thanks for the reply

        • Elvis Chibundu (Oracle)


        • Mohd Hafizudin

          Thank you Del Choc for this sharing. very appreciate it.


          to solve the miniface issue,
          go to EDIT – EDIT PLAYER – (PLAYER) – APPEARANCES – Reset
          * it will reset the heights/weights/physique/boots to the original, not based on the current corrected real player. but the minifaces will appear.
          * need to reset appearances individually for each problematic minifaces.

  • Anas BVB

    Bro I think the part 11 contains a virus? I may be wrong but my friend caught it but just asking you, are you sure these files doesn’t have any virus?

    • i’m sure bro 100% safe , because all links from me or PTE Team are safe 100% 🙂 maybe he clicked on ad by mistake, i always write in my articles how to download from adfly but people don’t read :v

  • Muhammad Fahmi Siswara

    can u give tutorial for cpy user?

    • just follow the tutorial video it’s for all versions 🙂

  • gudnes

    can we download pte 3.0 stadium to work with this new patch?

  • Πουρουπουπου

    hello mate, nice turtorials ! i have a problem :/ , i made every step of urs but bayern and some other european teams aren’t right .. fake players.. sry for my english !

    • DaGamerYT

      Try Follow the steps CAREFULLY

  • gudnes

    Please can we use the prev stadium patch with this pte patch 4.0

    • DaGamerYT


  • gudnes

    The game works fine..but what about new stadiums patch

    • DaGamerYT

      It released

  • Muhammad Rahmat Muhaimin

    what this patch include fix for stadium pack by donyavia

    • DaGamerYT


  • Muhammad Rahmat Muhaimin

    what this patch compatible with stadium pack by donyavia

    • DaGamerYT

      it is compatible 😀

  • DaGamerYT

    GREAT one

  • Adib Adnan

    Where to download Fixed Data pack 2 and the Fix 1.03? Because my game is freezing at kickoff.

    • DaGamerYT

      Go to his tutorial video on youtube. PLEASE check the description

      • Adib Adnan

        ohhh. thanks bro! i watching that video by just click play button, not on youtube site.

  • Adib Adnan

    Where to download Fixed Data pack 2 and the Fix 1.03 because my game is freezing on kickoff.

  • Ford Fiesta Titanium

    the link dosen’t work … i wait the skip the ad and when i click nothing appear .. help me please

    • Susano Novici

      same here bro

    • عاشق أتلتيكو و إتحاد طنجة

      You just need to click skip this ad more than one time and it will work !

    • DaGamerYT

      Try use another browser

  • Zac Grinta

    patch 2.0 is nesscarey or not
    because I heard it wont work without it

    • DaGamerYT

      If you don’t have any other patch beside PTE 4, Then you can proceed. p.s.: Pte 2.0 is not necessary


    Bro club national algerien ??? kits and logo and original player nam ???

  • GempakCrew

    link 3 and 11 corrupted

    • DaGamerYT

      it’s not.. try using IDM

  • DaGamerYT

    Download those parts using IDM

  • Zipi

    part 11 is corrupted,tried downloading with IDM and it says that is corrupted again,help please.

  • Idd

    Well done bro! Great Work and thank you a lot!

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  • Ahmed Keshk

    Hey, when i run PTE Patch Selector and press play .. it open steam not the game ! :/ how can i fix that ?
    and what about mini faces disappear like Toni Kroos etc… and Thanks for ur patch <3

  • Devansh Sonthalia

    bro i did everything correctly…even applied the pte patch sector but when i open the game its just with the old teams…nothing has changed….please help me bro

    • orangorangan

      me too

  • orangorangan

    nothing happened,help pls

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  • Neko Tamo

    Well done bro, but i have problem with Bayern – there is no original players. And I need to say that I activated offline mode. Pls help.

  • Amir Temimovic

    “unhandled exception has occurred in your application…” Can someone help me , please 🙁

  • Ardianski Hero_Gaming

    Please Re-upload PTE PATCH 4.0 Zippyshare Part 11…
    File is corrupt…

    Please Reupload…

  • hursh turg

    even after doing all this, the data pack was still not able to be implemented.What could be the problem???

  • URCH

    Can this work in my version 1.01.00?