(PES 2019) PTE Patch 6.2 (Unofficial by Del Choc) : Download + Install

PTE Patch 6.2 Update

The PTE Patch 6.2 Update is released by me “Del Choc” for PES 2019 game on the 11/03/2020 as an unofficial update for PTE Patch 6.0. Very Important: This PTE Patch 6.2 is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patches 3.0, 3.1, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1. So you must first download and install the PTE Patch 3.0 until the PTE 6.1 Update. Check my previous article to download and install the PTE 3.0 here Patch PTE 3.0 : Download + Install. And check my article for PTE Patch 3.1 here: PTE Patch 3.1 : Download and install. Then check my article for PTE Patch 5.0 + 5.1 here: PTE Patch 5.0 + 5.1 : Download and install . Then check my article for PTE Patch 6.0 here: PTE Patch 6.0 : Download and install . And finally check my article for PTE Patch 6.1 here: PTE Patch 6.1 : Download and install .

Check the new features added in PTE Patch Update 6.2 as below:

PTE Patch 6.2 update for PES 2019 next season
PTE Patch 6.2 update for PES 2019 Winter Transfers by Del Choc

► PTE Patch Update 6.2 features

  • 2020 Winter Transfers (until 1 March 2020) – Formations edited too (for most clubs).
  • New faces added for some players + Optional Facepacks (links below)
  • New Stats for some players (like PES 2019 or PES 2020 or FIFA 19).
  • Updated/new Managers and correct clubs linked to Stadiums Pack by MJTS.
  • New Gloves Pack (30 new Gloves added)
  • Added new players in pes 2019 like E. Halaand (Borussia Dortmund) and Z. Ibrahimovic

Download PTE Patch 6.2

You need to download the Important PTE Patch 6.2 from links below, but Optional files like Goal Songs, Stadiums Pack and Faces Pack and Chants Pack are optional just if you want. All links are uploaded by their owners, i just uploaded few (packing all chants and all faces in 1 folder for those who need 1 huge file). For non original PES 2019 game, please check my Youtube video PTE Patch 6.0 description to add Fixed Data pack 6.0 and also the Fix 1.06.

To download this new PTE Patch update 6.2, You need to open the link and wait 5 seconds (you will see the timing in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download links.

► PTE Patch 6.2 Download Links:

– 1 Mega Single Links 

( OR )

– 1 MediaFire Single Link 

► Optional Stadiums, Faces and Chants:

  1. Goal Songs CPK by Mauri_d: Mediafire Link .
  2. Stadiums Pack by MJTS: AIO Mediafire Link and Little Fix Fix Link (OR) ▷ Parts Links by Author .
  3. Chants Pack CPK by Predator : AIO Mediafire Link (OR) ▷ Parts Links by Author .
  4. Faces Pack CPK by PES Classic Faces: AIO Mediafire Link (OR) ▷ Parts Links by Author .
  5. Faces Update CPK by PES Classic Faces: Sharemods Link.

PS. If you face any Extraction errors then please Update or Install the new Winrar 5.70 version (search it in google) or use 7zip program (search it as well in google)

►►► Tutorial of PES 2019 Online Patch (OF) V1 (by PESvivioBR): https://youtu.be/YsJIJFwgxxw

If you can’t access Adfly or Mega links, then read my article here to fix it: How to Unblock and Fix Adfly and Mega.

Install PTE Patch 6.2

To install the PTE Patch 6.2 update, please follow my YouTube Tutorial below very carefully to avoid errors. If you face any error please try installing again the PTE Patch 3.0, 3.1 then PTE Patch 5.0 and 5.1 and the PTE 6.0 update then PTE 6.1 Update and finally this PTE Patch update 6.2 following my Tutorial video steps and carefully read the texts written in the video below:

► Credits:

Del Choc (Edit000000 file + Tutorial), Cesc (PTE Data Pack 6.0 Roster Updates), PTE Patch Team, Tisera09 (Gloves Pack), Sofyan Andri (new Face Pack), Nanilincol44 (new Cristiano Face), DNB (new Neymar bald hair), Baris (Dpfilelistgen program), Hawke (balls, referee kits, kits, ref kits server, boots), Zlac (tools, scoreboard server), Cesc Fabregas (kits, kits server), PES Logos (Logos) PES World (kits, Bundesliga), juce (sider), Paul81118 (Boots), Volun (faces), kelvinchan327 (faces), rkh257. Sorry if i forgot to mention anyone..

This is the PTE Patch Blog link: http://ptepatch.blogspot.pt/ – Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q. – About PTE Patch.

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