(PES 2016) Patch PTE 7.0 Unofficial : Download + Install

Patch PTE 7.0 for PES 2016

Patch PTE 7.0 New Features

The Patch PTE 7.0 is released on 28/08/2016 as a non official update for the Full Patch PTE 6.0 for the PES 2016 game. This update 7.0 is created by “Pes Patch 16™” and special thanks to “PTE Patch Team” for the official Patch PTE 6.0.

Patch PTE 7.0 for PES 2016
Patch PTE 7.0 for PES 2016 (Unofficial)

Very Important: This Patch PTE 7.0 is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patch 6. So you must first install the Patch PTE 6.0: check my previous post to install the PTE 6.0 here (PES 2016) Patch PTE 6.0 : Download + Install.

These are the new features and updates added in the Patch PTE 7.0 :

  • Premier League season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
  • La Liga season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
  •  Serie A season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
  •  Ligue 1 season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
  •  Bundesliga season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
  •  NOS League season 16/17 + Kits Season 16/17
  •  Added new kits for: Boca Juniors, River Plate
  •  New faces, including: P. Pogba, G. Bale, J. Rodriguez, L. Messi,             Neymar, L. Sane  + 70 other new faces.
  •  Updated Coaches
  •  New logos for all leagues 2016/2017 Season
  •  New badges sleeve for the season 2016/2017
  •  New equipment Shields for 2016/2017
  •  Added new, balls & Glove season 2016/17
  •  Fixed all accessories to all players
  •  Updated All the pantillas of all teams for the 2016/17 season

Download Patch PTE 7.0

First, to download the Update Patch PTE 7.0 you need to download 4 Parts. The Size of the Patch PTE 7.0 is 620 MB. But you need at least 2 GB free in your local disc to install it.

You need to choose either Mediafire 4 links or Mega 4 links. Then open each link and wait 5 seconds (you will see the time counter in top right corner of the browser), and then you click on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same step until you reach the Download links of the update Patch PTE 7.0 .

Patch PTE 7.0 Download Links:


Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

Install Patch PTE 7.0

To install the Patch PTE 7.0 Update please follow my YouTube Tutorial video very carefully to avoid errors. So If you face any error please try installing again the Patch following my video steps and carefully read the texts written in the video below:

Patch PTE 7.0 : Match Gameplay

I uploaded a full PES 2016 match using the PTE Patch 7.0 updates and features. Also i used Chants Pack V 2 by “Mauri_d” , Stadiums Pack V 2 by “Estarlen Silva” and Gameplay by “Alex”. This is the match in the video below:


► Credits:

Pes Patch 16 ™, Nemanja, MRI_20, yxussef, MT Games 1991, Angeltorero Kits, Bruno Wygno, Sameh Momen, Alief, Mo Ha, Ozy_96 PES MOD, Memer, Wer Facemaker, danny ardiyansyah, WENS indonesian PES Bootmaker, Konami, PTE Team, Jesus Hrs, Teko, Nemanja, PES Logos, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Jenkey, cabry, fruits, moody, pesmonkey, -InMortal-, gabe.paul.logan, pimplo, donkscrispo, muske25, nemesisk, gasparzinho, VinVanDam, Estarlen Silva, a7med sb, cRoNoSHaCk, barcafan, Tunizizou, ramy, Tasci, Cuky, Maritimo, AMussolini, steadyontherem8, Wens, Tisera09, killer1896, SantyArgentina, Znovik_S, pantelg7, rednik, Kairzhanov_21, spiritusanto, KOH, HD3011, Hawke, Andry_Dexter11, MarioMilan, smeagol75, starvin, juce, NikoLiberty4, boonaun, Txak, Tizziano, TwistedLogic, basilhspa013, Kuzmich, GOALARG, Swoosh1968, Bilgehan Alpaydin, Baris Yerlikaya, Killacarrillo, Shram, l4vezz1, oxarapesedit, vangheljs, AdrianMedina, alexis2323, viper12, G-Style, wygno, , IDK, FarhanA, Kaos GameMods, Brunowygno, Lucas, Tarcisio, Cleiton Silva, Lucas Horst, Steet, saviogoncalves1995, Memer, Jack, Lincoln, Daniel, Gleidson, Bou7a, Smith, Eliel, Marceu Edit, JesusHrs, templates kits passaco2009.

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  • Vishal dhane

    Well done bro:) Thanks but can i play online with this patch?

    • you’re welcome bro 🙂 and yes if you have original game!

  • XixaX

    What about the font ?
    Are still same like patch 6.1 ?

    • no , they are fixed to default now 🙂

      • XixaX

        Great, thanks for this patch…

        • you’re welcome 🙂 Enjoy !

          • before install this patch, need patch 6.1?

  • ganjil genap

    did you change players stat ?
    if i use other OF (ex: mackubex), the tatoo still work ?

  • ganjil genap

    did you change players stat ?

    if i use other OF (ex: mackubex), the tatoo still work ?

    sorry for my bad english

    • No bro i didn’t change anything, and don’t use any other update or file update as it will make the patch wrong ok !

      • ganjil genap

        ok. thanks so much for the patch.

  • Azman Mahmud

    tested & working great! you are the best man!

    • i’m glad it worked fine for you bro 🙂 and thanks!!

      • Azman Mahmud

        you are welcome…have a nice day! 🙂

        • you too bro have a nice day 🙂

  • Ejub Alihodžić

    when will be official ?

    • there will be no official bro!

      • maybe what he means, when you post official at pte patch.

        • well i think it can not be posted in PTE Patch site, because it was not created by them, and they respect the work made by others 🙂

  • Purp Mete

    Which tattoo pack do you use ?

    • Well this patch was made by “PES Patch 16 TM” and he didn’t specify exactly which tattoos pack he used! and for option file don’t add anything because they may cause major errors to the patch! for Pantillas sorry it is spanish and i don’t find any translation for it! so i don’t know me too xD

      You’re welcome bro and enjoy!

  • Edwin Nk Lun

    Bro, if I add my own cpk file into the game, will the game crush ?
    I have several cpk of some players real face and stadium edit cpk.

    • for the first question; it will depend on which CPK files you add, some will work fine and some will cause some errors, so just try! and for Master League i don’t play it so i can’t know !

  • Vertex Mindfr3ak95

    hello bro thanks for the hardwork !! but have some prob with borussia dortmund team..cant use that team to play

    • hi bro 🙂 against any team?? and which stadium ?

    • faizoRONALDO

      Yh i’ve got the same problem…when i played dortmund the games taking long time to load n eventually the match didnt start

  • Prateek Maheshwari


    thanks for this update .

    • sorry man i’m not a patcher!

      • Prateek Maheshwari

        so whom should i request for that , bro

        • maybe indian patchers for pes 2016 🙂 just search it in google or facebook ok !

          • Prateek Maheshwari

            yes i did found a patch , but it doesnt had any cpk instead a edit file and other stuff to put in documents folder

          • ok that sounds good! just try it and see if it is working 🙂

  • Wahyoe Soetiyoenoe

    Thanks bro…

  • Wahyoe Soetiyoenoe

    Bro please fix the new transfer again…
    Thanks bro

    • i contacted the patch maker if he can add new transfers , so if he can i will post it, if not then sorry :

  • Rahmad Rizki

    please update transfer

    • i will ask the patch maker if he can do new transfers, i can’t do it myself 🙂

      • Lie JunHui

        bro del choc.. if i download this update patch again.. my lastes saving game edit from patch 6.0 can be replace to this patch? and it will cause error?because i have complete all TRANSFER team in that competition ..premier leauge,serie a,la liga, and bundesliga

        • yes that is correct! but i advise you to install this patch and just add some few transfers ..

          • Lie JunHui

            this patch fix stadium too? because some team has a wrong stadium : example chelsea

          • yes it fixes them 🙂

          • Lie JunHui

            can i just download and use this link.. because you d’n’t make a one link on your website.. it’s makes difficult to find it.. can i just use this stadium pack 827mb without install the 19part.. because i can’t find the link in our country indonesian

          • Yes they are 4 parts for the patch 7.0 only , and for stadiums pack i can’t allow that because we must respect Estarlen Silva links!

          • Lie JunHui

            really cannot download that.. and i want to ask you something, why my pes 2016 play with fullscreen some times it’s automaticly out from screen every 5 minutes.. so i just can play with windows mode

          • Lie JunHui

            in your website only 4part download patch 7.0

  • Saya Adalah Fauzi

    where can I download DpListGeneratorData ?
    sorry for my bad english

    • no need for PTE 6.1 , just PTE 6.0 then PTE 7.0 (if you installed PTE 6.1 then remove it as i showed in my tutorial video above)

  • elnino

    what about if I use another option file after I installed PTE 7.0??

    • it will be wrong and may cause errors to your patch, if you need new transfers then do it manually bro using the Edit menu in pes 2016 game !

  • Wahyoe Soetiyoenoe

    Please fix ac milan player & number…
    Thanks before

  • Rahmad Wwin

    Hi broo, pls fix ac milan. Cant play match in master league. Thanks.

    • i’m not the patcher , i just help you with video tutorials and some game fixed bot inside patches bro..

  • Gusti Muhammad Thayib

    if I do not download and install the patch pte 6.1, do I have to follow the stages of minutes to 1:09 until 2:05?

    • if you didn’t install pte 6.1 then don’t follow that 🙂

  • Lie JunHui

    bro del choc.. if i download this update patch again.. my lastes saving game edit from patch 6.0 can be replace to this patch? and it will cause error?because i have complete all team in that competition ..premier leauge,serie a,la liga, and bundesliga.

    • please comment in one comment only ok 🙂

      • Lie JunHui

        i saw you use chant mauri pack.. what is function.. should i download that.. and stadium pack?estarlern silva or don’t have to install it.. and one more question about this patch has been update face.. so the last file ptepatch.fac ..can i delete it? because it’s decrease my memory

        • yes you can check my Match video above and in description of that video you will find links for chants pack and stadiums pack if you want to add them 🙂 and no don’t delete any ptepatch.cpk file because all are important ok!

  • Manga

    Del the Game crushes when I try to play UEFA Champions League Match with friends & even when I create a Konami Cup Tournament the Game Crushes ever since I installed this 7.0 but in Exhibition Matches it works perfectly. Whats the problem or How can I solve it?

    • well i’m not aware of these errors and i can’t help with them bro, only patch maker can maybe fix them :

    • faizoRONALDO

      usually its becuz of the tattoo pack

  • aditya

    this new kits 2016/2017 for fullteam or only big team ?

    • most of teams not just big teams 🙂

  • Erikson Antonio

    I already have the patch 6.0 to download the 7.0 to 6.1 is required ? Because I still do not have the 6.1 only have 6.0 . I need to know and congratulations for the work much like your tutorials.

    • No need for PTE 6.1 bro 🙂 just now download and install this PTE 7.0 and follow carefully my video tutorial to avoid errors ok ! And thanks for your support 🙂

  • elnino

    how to make it back into pte 6.0 original??

    • just remove the 3 files that you added in Dpfile program and then generate again and follow the other steps to copy and replace new “dpfile.bin” , also you must replace the old PTE 6.0 “Edit00000” file! if you deleted that file then you should reinstall again PTE 6.0!

      • elnino

        what about if I replace with the latest edit00000?? is it ok??

        • faizoRONALDO

          it will cause some errors

        • No, just use the final update i made a video about it and also an article today 🙂

  • Prateek Maheshwari

    hello bro , i am getting a weird problem after installing it , many of my players like ronney , fabregas etc has there body plastic white except for face . Plz help me what could cause this ?

  • Prateek Maheshwari

    hello bro , i am getting a weird problem after installing it , many of my players like ronney , fabregas etc has there body plastic white except for face . Plz help me what could cause this ?

    below is my cpk list

    • Prateek Maheshwari

      the edit file provided in this 7.0 pte is causing that , but i have no idea why ?
      i using edit file from 6.0 , its showing proper body of players .

      • what is that “pte_upd_face_uefa”? and it should not be there! it should be deleted as this patch has new faces and you can’t have 2 new faces and it will cause errors!

        • Prateek Maheshwari

          its a big big face pack , but nonetheless i removed it already and tried every possible thing . but as long as that edit file from this patch exist , i m getting hands and legs of most of famous players plastic white

          • ok today i made new video + new article about new Final update for PTE 7.0 or 6.0, just try it as it is Edit00000 file only and tell me if it fixes those issues for you ok 🙂

      • faizoRONALDO

        u need to install the tatoo pack as well………….i got the same problem with u……..then i reinstall the patch including the optional tattoo installer n prob solved.or u can just go to the respective player menu in appearance n change to default or reset

  • Rahmad GandiAR (RGandiAR)

    If i don’t found DpFileListGen program, what should i do next buddy ?

  • Argin Aghajanian

    Man you are GREAT!!!!!!!
    These Videos were Miracle!!!
    I looked everywhere for new updates for so long and finally something that worksss!!! 😀
    you’re doing a great job… I Followed exactly like video and it went amazing.
    the only thing that was bothering was (closing Error of DpFileListGenerator) cause I couldn’t install JAVA with your JAVA link and it kept DpFileListGenerator NOT working but i downloaded it from somewhere else and it worked!
    Thank you for your AMAZING guides and videos, I’m having a so much fun with Patch PTE 6.0 & Patch PTE 7.0

    they both worked as your videos!! so THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • Oh so glad to hear that bro and thanks a lot for your support 🙂 ok can you send me link so it can help other fans who may face that problem ?

  • Adi Hendra

    link mediafire part 1 broken

    • just refresh link again

    • i tested link working fine bro! so just try again

  • Adi Hendra

    link mediafire part1 broken

    • plz comment only in one single comment..

  • Teuku Aldy Farhan

    Dear delchoc, i installed this patch. And when i played match, at the start of the match the game took forever to load. What should i do bro

    • i replied in the other comment , so tell me after installing the final update (just 11 MB) , tell me later if it is fixed or not ok 🙂

  • Teuku Aldy Farhan

    Apparently, the loading match problems only happen on Master League

    • try the new Final update (just check my latest video or my latest article in this website) , i tested it for Master League and it works fine 🙂

  • Hi bro how are you? 🙂 it’s been a long time we didn’t speak ! Well i made a new video + article for the Final Update for both PTE 7.0 and 6.0 , so try it and let me know if it fixes those problems ok 🙂

  • Mtarmizi Myusoff

    i’ve got the same problem…when i played uefa champion league in epl league
    the games taking long time to load n eventually the match didnt start.

    • i think competitions have some error compatibility with Tattoos, so try use the Update without tattoos ok 🙂

  • Muhammad Yusuf Al Fatah

    My Bro Delchoc you’re amazing!
    thanks a lot for your works! You’re the best! warm regards from PES lover of Indonesia 😀
    may I ask you bro? Why I cannot use intermilan and ac milan in exhibition. After arranging the formation, the game just still in loading and loading. However, It works normally when I’m using other teams.
    Btw, thanks for your works all this time! 😀

    • You’re welcome my dear bro and thanks for your support 😀 Well everyday i hear new error with these Tattoos or updates! So to answer you: i always say avoid tattoos at any cost just avoid it it will cause errors to PTE patch and also Stadiums Pack, but you guys keep asking me for tattoos : So a sacrifice is needed, either remove tattoos or just ignore these errors! you’re welcome 😀

  • Sanad Thnaibat

    ?? should i download dpfilegerenerator

  • Shandika S

    Bro Delchoc How Unlock Extra Team For PTE 7.0 ?

    • no you can’t add it for PTE 7.0 bro :

  • Muhammad Ranjani

    hi bro del, I’ve just follow unfocial pte how to install patch 7.0, as I do, after I want to go out on his own game? Please help me

    • to fix that either remove tattoos or remove Stadiums Pack v 2 by Estarlen, because they are not compatible together

  • Melvin Swag

    why i cant download use mediafire. when i download it, its just 11.5mb. can you help me? 🙁

  • Melvin Swag

    why when i download use mediafire part2-4 its only 11.5mb? can you help me 🙁

    • that’s wrong! try again and read what i said about how to download..

  • Shandika S

    Bro Delchoc How Unlock Extra Team PTE 7.0 ?

    • sorry that can’t be used i guess for PTE 7.0 :

  • Syafiq Zack

    bro delchoc there any new update for pes 16…..latest squad

  • Girindra Syahputra

    before pte patch 7.0 instal pte 6,1 ??

  • Reus Amine

    hey bro please where is marco reus in BVB ???

  • Reus Amine

    please bro why when y update face in pte patche 7.0 the tattoo will Disappear so Can you tell me what I do please ???

  • Manohar Bhavsar

    bro game work great , but why cannot change mancity or aresnal stadium can you help and thanks for your hard work

    • well for stadiums you should use Estarlen Silva stadiums pack to have correct linked stadiums to home teams, but the problem that stadiums of Estarlen can cause some problems and crashes .. so if you want to take the risk or just avoid it bro 🙂 and you’re welcome!

      • Manohar Bhavsar

        thanks bro

  • Harits Taufiq

    i did everything you were instructed, but the kits just won’t updated. pls help with this issue.
    also the net framework is somehow error when i was trying to open PTE patch, although i have the newest version

  • timox

    tsap bro… this is fantastic work you doing ryt hia… help me with the link to download the “Dpfile list generator”

  • wassim wassim

    DpFile please !!!!! where is the link