PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 (For PTE Patch 6.0 and 5.4)

PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 For PTE Patch 6

PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2

New PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 is now released for the PTE Patch 6.0 and 5.4. This Stadiums Pack is made by Estarlen Silva, it has 80 New stadiums, a total of 92 Stadiums. But you can not use all the 92 Stadiums at the same time because PES 2016 game does not allow more than 41 stadiums.

PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 For PTE Patch 6
PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 For PTE Patch 6

This new PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 has also new cool designs and features as below:

  • New Pitch: Next Gen PS4 .
  • Skys HD Quality.
  • Pitch Line HD Quality.
  • 3D Pitch with Real Grass.
  • News lights colors with more realistic Graphics.
  • Coach : moves on the edge of the pitch.

PS : It is NOT recommend to use the SweetFX as it may spoil the quality of the Pitch.

List of New Stadiums 

The PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 has a total of 92 stadiums that are divided into 3 Packs: Europe Stadiums Pack, South America Stadiums Pack and Asia Stadiums Pack.

To read full list of New added Stadiums in this PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 , just check thisEstarlen Silva Facebook Post . You will find in that link also the pictures of the Stadiums and how they look.

Download Stadiums Pack v 2

To download this PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 you need to download 19 parts. Each part is 200 MB and all links are created by Estarlen Silva and you need to respect these links. Then you need to download the second file which is “Correct Stadiums Home for Teams”.

Click on PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 Download Link below, then scroll down the website you will find 19 download links. Just download one by one, click on download link, then wait 5 seconds. Then you will see “skip Ad” click on it until you reach the Mediafire link.

It is better to use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to avoid damaged or corrupted parts. Chek this IDM Download link.

Download Link for the Stadium Pack v 2

Correct Stadiums Home For Teams PTE 6.0 (or 5.4)

Low Quality MOD Pack for Low end PC

Install Stadiums Pack v 2 for PTE Patch 6.0

After downloading the PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2, you just need to follow my YouTube Tutorial video below. The video will guide you step by step to install this PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 correctly and avoid any errors.

Just be sure to add only one Pack from the 3 Packs (either Europe, Asia or America Pack). You can switch later by replacing the Packs in the PES 2016 game.

This method also will work for PTE Patch 6.0 and also the PTE Patch 5.4 as they have same Data Pack 4. This is my video to follow:

Adboards Pack for this Stadiums Pack v 2

This PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2 unfortunately does not have Adboards included. But you can use the previous Adboards Pack made by the PTE Team.

You need first to use the latest DpfileList Program adapted for DLC 4. Just read my previous Article to know how to get it:

Now after having that Adapted DpFileList program, just follow my YouTube Tutorial video that will guide you to install the Adboards Pack for this PES 2016 Stadiums Pack v 2:


Estarlen Silva, Black Bull Ecuador (Tricolor Pes Ecuador), Joaoakd (AFA Evo ), Gabriel  Silva (AFA Evo ), TXAK, Zikint, SXSXSX, tizziano vangheljs, Pantel G7, Yucell 11, Irvanlana, Ipunk, Shrief Elafify, Donny Avia, Fruits, Konami, PTE team.

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  • qaryous fushari

    if have update after this will you add malaysia home gound “Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur”??hahaa……i saw indonesia have stadium on list……….hehe….tq

    • well it is not me who created this stadium pack bro! it is Estarlen Silva 🙂

    • Afiq Ar Rafi

      Sapa pun xnk buat stadium bukit jalil..haha..indon femous kot kat dunia..malaysia ja kureng femous sikit..

  • Asiyanbi Sam

    why not make a link for each pack/group of stadium instead then so we can save internet data…Not everyone has unlimited data

    • it is not me who create these links bro! I never choose links, it is just we must respect links made by patchers or modders that’s why..

  • Saroeun Sim

    How to fix homeground stadiums pack v2?