How to Monetize YouTube Videos + Download Free intro

Monetize Youtube videos to earn Money

Monetize YouTube Videos: what is it? 

To monetize YouTube videos is simply to earn some money from YouTube (Google) by linking your YouTube Channel to Google Adsense. This is becoming a real job for many people on the internet and some people just gave up on their jobs to become YouTube Partners.

You may ask how anyone can earn money from YouTube? How to monetize YouTube videos? How to create and link your Google Adsense account, and what are the requirements needed? Well don’t worry i will try my best to answer all of these questions with enough information.

Monetize Youtube videos to earn Money
Monetize Youtube videos to earn Money

This is my Part 2 article about Youtube Channel, so if you missed the Part 1 then here is the link to my previous article How to create Professional YouTube Channel. There will be new articles to cover more parts. Such as how to record best quality videos? how to edit videos and also how to rank your Channel higher in YouTube search so that you can get more views and Subscribers.

Requirements to Monetize YouTube Videos

To monetize YouTube Videos so that you can earn money through out the time, you need to pass few requirements. First you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes of watch time in all of your videos. Then you need to create a Google Adsense account and then activate it. Third, you need to be at least 18 years old.

Also to be able to monetize YouTube videos, your YouTube Channel should be in a good standing state. That means you should avoid any Copyrighted materials: do not upload stolen videos. Also never use copyrighted music, because if you use a popular music in your video then you will lose the option to monetize it. Here is a Copyright notice example in my Del Choc YouTube Channel:

YouTube Copyrighted Content
YouTube Copyrighted Content

However you can use some good Free and Non-Copyrighted music that i use myself for my YouTube Channel Del Choc. Just go to the NCS YouTube Channel, it has many non-copyrighted music that you can put in your videos and allows you to monetize YouTube videos.

If you are under the age of 18 then you can try another alternative which is YouTube Network Partner. The best option to monetize YouTube videos is Maker Studios who basically accept anyone with few viewers and subscribers and under the age of 18. you may ask why? because they will earn about 20% of your money that you will make on YouTube.

What is Google Adsense

As i said earlier, you need Google Adsense to monetize YouTube videos that you create. Google Adsense is a medium between you and Advertisers. Advertisers give Google their Ads (Pictures or Videos that you see above or beside the YouTube videos), then Google distributes these Ads among YouTube Channels (depending on the content of your YouTube Channel). Then anyone who clicks on your video Ads or watches that short video Ad, you get money from Google.

So basically your job is to create videos to bring viewers, monetize YouTube videos with one click, then Google will do the rest for you.

How to create & Activate Google Adsense

First you need to create your Google Adsense account using the gmail account, write your correct info and home address. You can check this YouTube Tutorial video for more instructions on how to create Google Adsense account.

Google Adsense will ask you which Payment method do you prefer: Western Union, Cheque or Bank account. For me i chose Western Union because it is very easy and fast to receive my money.

Then after creating your Google Adsense account, you must activate it. Google will send you and envelope to your real home address which has a Pin Code. This envelope will take 1 or 2 weeks to reach your home address, you can apply for another one if you don’t receive it.

To activate your Google Adsense account, you must write those Pin code numbers. For more clear instructions you can check this Google help article.

How to Link Adsense to your YouTube Channel

After creating and activating your Google Adsense account, you can now link it to your YouTube Channel and later monetize YouTube videos. I have made a YouTube Tutorial Part 2 to show you how to link your YouTube Channel to your activated Adsense account.

Follow this video below carefully:

Bonus: Create YouTube Intro

In the same video above, i will show you how to create easily your own YouTube intro and it is for free. Just make sure you choose one of the Templates intros in the Velosofy YouTube Channel.

You need to download either “Sony Vegas” or “After Effects” program so that you can edit the text of the template intro and change it to your YouTube Channel name. Then you can follow the Tutorial video made by Velosofy Channel to know how to edit the intro.

After creating your YouTube Intro, you need to do some basic things that are very important for any video that you upload to your Channel. First you need to write good description that has your Keywords, then write good and relevant tags, then finally adding a custom YouTube Thumbnail if you want to be a professional YouTuber.

How much Money to Earn from YouTube

When you monetize YouTube videos, you will get paid for every click on the ads shown in your YouTube videos. You may ask then why is it important to get more views? Well the answer is very simple: the more views you get, the more chances that people will click on your YouTube Ads more.

It is very important that you never click on your YouTube video Ads, nor ask people or your friends to click on them. Simply because Google can detect easily those fake clicks and can later ban your Google Adsense account forever.

So to answer the real question “how much money can you earn”, you need 3 factors:

  1. How many Ads Clicks you get every day:  more clicks will give you more money, also more Ads videos not skipped will give you more money.
  2. The Quality of Ads shown in your YouTube videos: Ads are different and their costs are different depending on the type of videos that you create. For example, if you create videos about commercial products or big companies then you will get high paying ads. But if you create videos about free products then you will get low paying Ads.
  3. The Countries of your Viewers: Countries are different when it comes to Advertisements payment. If your most viewers come from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and some other rich countries then you will get high paying clicks. But if your most viewers come from poor countries such as Africa or Asia, then you will get low paying clicks.

These are the main factors that will result on how much money you can earn after you monetize YouTube videos. Google will do all the maths for you and will just give the results of how much money you get every day.

My Personal Google Adsense experience

For me and my Channel Del Choc, as you may now know or predict, i get low paying Ads (as my Channel is about free Patches), and also low paying Clicks ( because most of my viewers come from poor countries like my country Tunisia). I can not give you exact money that i get because Google doesn’t allow any one to reveal how much money they make from Google Adsense. But i can tell you that i receive from 60 to 100 dollars every month.

To be totally honest with you, the money that i make from YouTube or Website can not be even close to the huge efforts that i make doing videos and articles. You may wonder why do i bother ? Well simply because i started this YouTube career as a passion not for money, and also because i love to help people as much as i can.

I’m jobless now thanks to my country that has high Unemployment rate even for people who finished Master Degrees like me. So i’m glad that i have this passion to work online and get some pocket money from YouTube and Website. So my final advice for you, if you still study then finish your studies and try to find a good job in your country. But if you finished your studies and didn’t find a job or didn’t like your job then YouTube career can be your best start to make money from YouTube.

I hope this article will help you a lot to know to monetize YouTube videos and earn money. It maybe very long but i tried to include all the secrets and tips that i gathered along my 2 years experience on YouTube career. So please if this helped you in anyway just support me and share this Article with your friends who may need it as well.

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