Chants Pack V2 for Patch PTE 5.1[PES 2016]

Chants Pack v2 for PTE 5.1 Pes 2016

What is Chants Pack ?

Chants Pack is a pack which has new real chants (songs by supporters in stadiums) of the most famous Clubs and National Teams for the Pro Evolution Soccer game. These Chants Pack add excitement to the PES game and make you play the match as it is a real match.

Usually they are created by patchers or modders who take recorded chants from real life recordings and merge them to create CPK files. The CPK file is the compatible extension of the PES game files, which you need to merge it to your PES game after downloading it.

Chants Pack V 2 (by Guefajri)

A new chants pack is released for the PES 2016 game, compatible with the PTE Patch Update 5.1 ( i did not test this chants pack on other patches but i think it will work fine as far as you have the last Data Pack (DLC) 3 for the PES 2016).

Chants Pack v2 for PTE 5.1 Pes 2016
Chants Pack v2 for PTE 5.1 (Pes 2016)

Here is the List of the new Clubs and Teams that have new chants in this Pack v2:

  • Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid
  • Juventus, inter Milan, Ac Millan, As Roma
  • Manchester utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City
  • Bayern Munchen, Dortmund, PSG.
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, England, Italy, France, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, etc.

I will show you how to Download and Install this new Chants pack v2 for the PTE patch 5.1 just follow me:

1) Download Part

The size of this chants pack v 2 is only 165 MB, to download this new chants pack just choose one of these following links, open link then wait 5 seconds and you will see the timer in top right corner of the browser, then you click on “Skip Ad” , do the same again and then you will find the link to download.

  1. Mediafire Link
  2. HugeFiles Link

Also you need to download the Program that you need to merge the chants pack CPK file to your PES 2016 game, this program is called “DpFileList Generator” and it is created by Baris (a modder who create programs).  Here is the link of the latest DpFileList Generator v1.6 DLC v3 : Download Link .

Sometimes the DpFileList Program will show errors when launching it or when generating the CPK files! The fix is very simple:

  • Run the Program as administrator (right-click on the DpfileList Application and then click on “Run as administrator”.
  • Download update of “Java” and install it on your Computer.
  • Download update of ” Net-framework ” and install it as well.

2) Install Part

To install successfully this Chants Pack v 2 on the PTE patch 5.1 , make sure to follow my YouTube video below. You must follow the steps very very carefully in order to avoid any errors for both your PES 2016 game and your PTE Patch.

Here is the video to watch:



  • Konami
  • Guefajri
  • secun 1972
  • sxsxsx.
  • Baris
  • PTE team

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