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PES 2019 Free myclub Lite version download and install on PC

PES 2019 Free myClub : Info

The PES 2019 Free myClub or as it is called “PES 2019 Lite” is now released for free for all gaming platforms. Like last year PES 2018 Free-to-Play myClub, this year Konami releases early (13/12/2018) a Free-to-Play version of myClub Online mode in PES 2019 Lite.

PES 2019 Free myClub mode is accessible in the free-to-play PES 2019 Lite Edition. You can join those who did buy the original PES 2019 in myClub mode. PES 2019 Free myClub lets you create your own team and go challenge other people Online in many competitions. You can use the free GP points (you get after playing some games) to get some good players. Or you can use “Scout” and combine them to get some good players in PES 2019 Free myClub.

Modes available in PES 2019 Free myClub

  • myClub Online (Online friendly and competition).
  • PES League Online mode.
  • Exhibition Offline mode.
  • Training mode.

PES 2019 Free myClub is for free to download and play, but allows only few features from the PES 2019 content. The only difference is that you can’t play “Master League”, “Champions League” or “Become a Legend” in this PES 2019 Free myclub Lite version.

PES 2019 Free myclub Lite version download and install on PC
PES 2019 Free myclub Lite

Important Notes

  • You can not patch PES 2019 Free myClub or use “DpfilelistGen program”. Because you will not be able to find opponents in Online even if you patched it correctly.
  • You can be paired in PES 2019 Free myClub with other opponents who have the full version of PES 2019.
  • You can play with your friends in “myClub friendly match”, just create a “Room” with password.
  • Playable teams in Exhibition Offline mode are limited to few teams.
  • Participation may be limited in certain tournaments in PES LEAGUE mode.
  • Other modes such as [Master League] or [Become a Legend] are only playable in the full version of PES 2019.

PES 2019 Free myClub : Download

PS4 Platform

For PS4 users, you can browse this new PES 2019 Lite from the PS store. Just search for “Free to Play” section and you will find it there (size of game is 30.5 GB). Or just check this link: PS4 Download Link

Xbox One Platform

For Xbox One users, you can browse this new PES 2019 Free myClub from the Xbox One store. In the PES 2019 Store page you will see “Try for Free” next to “Buy” (size is 24 GB). Or just check this link: Xbox One Download Link

Mobile Platform

PES 2019 Free myclub is also available now on Mobile or Smartphones. For Mobile you can find the Android version here: Google Play Link Or for IOS system check here: IOS Store Link 

PC (Steam) Platform

For PC (Steam) users you can download this new PES 2019 Free myClub game from the download link below:

PC Download Link

Scroll down the Steam page and you will find ” Play PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 LITE” and under it you will see a green box named “Play Game”. You need to click on that “Play Game” and choose from 2 options that will show up in your Browser. Read “How to install on PC” below to know how to install PES 2019 Free myClub on your PC.

PES 2019 Free myClub Install on PC

So after you click on that “Play Game” button in the Steam page, you will see 2 options to choose from. If you don’t have Steam account and then make sure to click on “No i need Steam” option. It will take you to another page where you need to create a Steam account (very simple just write your name and your Email address etc..). Then Steam will be downloaded and installed automatically on your PC so that you can download from Steam the new PES 2018 Free myClub.

But if you have already Steam program installed on your PC, then just click on “Yes, Steam is installed”. It will open your Steam account and then start downloading the PES 2019 Free myClub automatically. Just wait for the download to finish, it will tell you when the download is complete. Just click on the blue “Play” button and the Install will launch automatically.

After the installation is complete, the “Settings” will show up and you can setup your controller buttons, the Resolution and Quality (depending on your PC specs). If you want to change the settings again in future, just go to this path on your PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite , and you will find the settings application there.

PS: If you face any Online problem when connecting to PES 2019 Lite myClub, then please read my “Pinned Comment” in Comments Section box under my YouTube video


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