Use USB Controller as Xbox Controller

use USB controller as Xbox controller on PC

What is this Method ?

To Use USB Controller as Xbox Controller, you need to know first few basic information. This method is the best solution to play games that requires only Xbox 360 Controllers, like Dead By Daylight or Dark Souls 3. Unlike other programs like X360ce and Xpadder, this method is very effective as it will change the driver of the controller. So when you connect your USB gamepad or even your PS3 controller to PC, windows will detect it as an Xbox 360 controller. All you need is 2 little programs (MotionJoy and Better DS3) that will allow you to use USB controller as Xbox controller. I will show you step by step in this article what programs to use and how to install them.

use USB controller as Xbox controller on PC
use USB controller as Xbox controller on PC

Whenever you unplug your controller (when Better DS3 is closed) or when you restart your PC, the controller will not work as an Xbox controller. So you must plug the controller in the correct port (i will show in video below), then run the “Better DS3” program few seconds and then close it.

Download Programs

You need to download the “Motion Joy” and “Better DS3” programs in order to use USB controller as Xbox controller. Just open each link below, wait 5 seconds then click on “Skip AD” at the top right corner of your browser. Both programs have little size so they will be downloaded so fast.

▷ Motion Joy Link

▷ Better DS3 Link

▷ Gamepad Viewer :

You should have at least Netframework 3.5 installed on your PC. If you don’t have it then check this Link.

Use USB Controller as Xbox Controller

Now for the Install part, i made a YouTube tutorial video for step by step instructions. I wrote some very important advises in the video to avoid errors. This video will show you easily how to use USB controller as Xbox controller on your PC. So please read carefully what i did write in the texts of the video, and follow steps carefully.

►► If you have windows 10 and face an error when installing driver, then change the year of your time in PC to 2013. After installing driver correctly you can revert the year back to normal. Check this video for clear instructions .

This is my Tutorial YouTube video below:


Is it safe ?

Yes it is safe, i’m using this method since 2 weeks now and it is totally safe. Simply because both programs will not be running when playing your game. I scanned both programs using 2 different Antiviruses and didn’t find any malware or virus. Just make sure you don’t unplug the controller when playing the game, because it may crash your game or lead to Windows Blue Screen error. Windows may alert you when installing the new Xbox driver, just ignore it because windows alert any unsigned application.

Unlike the “DS3 Tool”, the “Better DS3” doesn’t need internet to load. Also it is very easy and editable even after saving profiles. It is certainly the best solution to use USB controller as Xbox controller.  I hope this article will help you to use USB controller as Xbox controller . Please comment below if it helps you and share this article with your friends.

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