Payoneer MasterCard (Free from USA)

Payoneer MasterCard + 25 dollars free

Free & Prepaid MasterCard

Payoneer MasterCard is becoming very necessary nowadays: to shop online, to buy games from Steam or just to withdraw your money that you receive or earn from Online hard work. Beccause in some countries (especially non-western countries), there are no MasterCard companies to get one. Even Paypal is out of reach for many countries (including my country) which seems very bad especially as we are in the year 2016.

Payoneer MasterCard + 25 dollars free
Free MasterCard

Fortunately, there is the Payoneer MasterCard company (which is situated in the United States of America) that can send you a FREE and LEGAL MasterCard to your home. So that you can use it to either Pay or Receive your money easily.

Why Payoneer MasterCard?

I will be honest with you, i am not trying to sponsor Payoneer company, but i will just tell you my own experience so far with this Payoneer MasterCard. Of course i made some researches on this Payoneer company and i read lot of reviews to make sure that it is not a scam or with bad reputations among users.

I ordered this MasterCard last year and after 2 weeks i received the MasterCard without paying any money at all. Then i activated the card and started working online to get some money ( i will give you my best ways to get real money from online in the near future).

So far, the Payoneer MasterCard worked fine on “Steam” , i did buy a game and here is the proof in the Picture below:

Payoneer Steam
Payoneer Shop Steam

Also i did buy the Domain from both Hostgator and Godaddy , and the Host from Hostgator to build my 2 websites using this MadterCard.

If you want to just get the money cash out of the Payoneer MasterCard you can use it in any ATM machine close to your location (as far as the ATM machine is compatible with the MasterCard: usually you can see the MasterCard sign beside or up the ATM machine).

Payoneer’s main currency is US Dollar, but it will convert the money into your country’s currency as it supports over 70 currencies. Which makes it very easy to retrieve your money cash from the ATM machines.

How to get the Payoneer MasterCard?

You need first to Sign up from this link: Payoneer Sign Up , this is my referral link and when you receive 100 dollars in your MasterCard then both You and Me will get 25 dollars as a bonus for free. You can later refer any friend with your Referral link (you can find referral link inside your Payoneer account) and you both win 25 dollars for Free.

When Signing up, you should write only correct information about you, especially your home address as you they will send you the MasterCard in an envelope to your home address.

After you signup you will receive an E-mail from Payonner (in the Email that you signed up with) and they will tell you how long it will take the MasterCard to reach you (it depends how far your country is). As i said earlier it took me like 2 weeks to receive the MasterCard.

When you receive the Payoneer MasterCard you must activate it: you will find a code inside the envelope along with the MasterCard, you need to Sign In in the Payoneer website and then you will find “Activate Card” option, you write your personal code “Pin” and it should be activated Automatically. If you want to read more how to activate the Payoneer MasterCard then check this link:Activate Payoneer .

After activating the Payoneer MasterCard, you can start using the MasterCard in shopping Online, buying games from Steam or just receiving money from Online works (I will talk about this in the next post).

How to Shop Online using Payonner MasterCard?

You should keep in mind first that not all shopping websites are compatible with Payoneer (they are currently adding more shopping websites). Basically any website that supports MasterCard such as , Alibaba, Aliexpress and many more E-shopping websites.

To buy anything from E-shopping website, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose MasterCard as the type of your card.
  2. Write the 14 digits that you see on your Payoneer MasterCard.
  3. Write the 3 digits secret code (you find it in the back of the MasterCard)
  4. Write the Expiration Date (Month, Year), you find these 2 digits on the card.

You can also use the Payoneer MasterCard to shop online from your local (inside your country) E-shopping websites: Payoneer will convert the Dollars to your country currency without any problems.

How to Withdraw Cash Money from Payoneer MasterCard?

When you Sign Up in the Payoneer Website, they will ask you to choose a personal 4 digits Pin number. If you want to withdraw your money you need to insert the Payoneer MasterCard in the ATM machine then write the 4 digits Pin code and then select the amount of money that you need.

It is very important to make sure you have enough money after doing some mathematics calculations (convert the dollars to your country currency and also deduct the 3.15 dollars withdrawal fee of every transaction you make).

I advise you to check the money that you have in the Payoneer Website, because if you check it in the ATM machine you will lose 1 dollar. And also you will lose 1 dollar every time  you put wrong Pin numbers or just have less money than the amount that you will ask for withdrawing.

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